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Rent the Leonard Nimoy Thalia

Our 169-seat Leonard Nimoy Thalia with platform stage is available for rental seven days a week 9:30am to 12am.

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Floor Plan & Specs

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  • 169 seats (includes 6 wheelchair locations)
  • Theatre, stage and backstage wheelchair accessible
  • Infra-red system for hearing enhancement
  • Stage: 19' wide (at apron) x 11' deep
  • Stage height 38" (from floor to stage)
  • Stage floor to grid 11' 6"
  • Stage (apron) to tech booth: 50'
  • Film screen to tech booth: 61'
  • Stage lighting and dimmer system: 24/48 ETC Express Board
  • Sound system | See lower down on page for full list of Sound equipment
  • Adjustable acoustical panels on side walls
  • Piano: Baldwin 7’0” SF10 Artist Grand Piano tuned to A440 (pitch standard)
  • Projection: Panasonic PT-EZ570 HD digital projector (5000 lumens projector brightness, 1920x1200 native resolution, 5000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI/DVI/Component/VGA input capability).
  • Digital Sources: Blu-Ray, DVD (NTSC & PAL), HDMI, laptop, and other digital sources are possible if presenter provides appropriate decks and cables (upon approval).
  • Projection screen: fixed, perforated screen 20' wide x 8.5' high at largest aspect ratio (Cinemascope)
  • Additional equipment: 12 chairs, 2 bass stools, 12 music stands, 1 - 4'x4' platform with 8" legs (no skirting)
  • Dressing rooms: 1 star w/ bathroom and shower; 2 chorus w/ 1 bathroom & 1 shower, couch, refrigerator & water fountain
  • Box office: computerized system with window, phone, on-line ticketing
  • Equipment inventory
  • Staffing: box office, house, technical (advisor)

Note: Entire Leonard Nimoy Thalia is completely wheelchair accessible, including tech booth, stage and dressing rooms and contains an infrared system for audience hearing enhancement.

Thalia Rates

The security deposit is due within two weeks of holding the date(s). The full fees must be paid in full a minimum of one month prior to theater use, or as noted in your Agreement.

We provide and you must use our Box Office (no off-site sales), Front of House staff, and Technical Advisor. This staff is included in the base rent.

If sound system and/or projection is required, then we provide and you must use our contracted services at an additional fee and you may not bring in your own sound system or projectionist.

We do not provide stage crew. You must provide sufficient staff to load in, set up, and load out. If you need more than a basic wash of white lights on the stage then you must provide sufficient staff to focus light plot, run the board, and to restore the plot. You also need to provide the staff to sell your merchandise (no producer refreshment sales allowed).


Security Deposit in addition to all fees $500 per day. Security Deposit is refunded at final settlement.


Not-For-Profit $1,600 per day (25% off of the Standard rate, below)
Standard $2,120 per day

Weekly Not-For-Profit $10,350 for seven consecutive days (25% off of the Standard rate, below)
Weekly Standard $13,800 for seven consecutive days

2 or more show day $360 for each additional show
Show exceeding 3 hours from scheduled curtain $70 per half hour exceeding 3 hours
Additional Rehearsal Use, rate requires theater approval no sooner than six weeks prior, $115 per hour, 5 hour min


Reserved Seating $140 per show

Sound Tier 1 included in rental rate: one microphone on stand, which user may turn on and off as necessary
Sound Tier 2 all services beyond Tier 1: Engineer for up to 8 hours, including 1 hr break $850, overtime at $115/hr.

Baldwin 7’0” SF10 Artist Grand Piano, $280 includes A440 (pitch standard) tuning

Projectionist up to 8 hours (Union Local 306) $550, overtime at $80/hr

Streaming, access to VLAN with 20mb upload speed via a standard ethernet connection, $275

Producer Merchandise Sales 20% of gross paid to theater House Manager following show(s)

Additional staffing for door list of over 50 people $75


Facility Fee included in producer-established ticket price, on sales from theater box office and producer consignment, $1.50
Credit Card Sales 4.5% of theater's credit card sales deducted at final settlement


Show exceeding 3 hours from scheduled curtain time $70 per half hour or part thereof
Failure to load-out or strike by contracted time $150 per half hour or part thereof
Opening house or starting show 30+ minutes later than scheduled time $95 per half hour or part thereof
Failure to arrive at contracted load-in time $60 per half hour or part thereof
Cleaning Fee for failure to restore stage, backstage area & house to “as is” condition $150 minimum; this includes, but is not limited to: restoration of chairs, tables, music stands, light grid, and sweeping the stage
Returned Check Charge $60
Late Payment Fee for failure to comply with agreement payment schedule $20 per day
Additional lobby staffing $75 per day


  • The rates apply to events happening between July 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025.
  • The security deposit is not refundable if you elect to cancel or move the date(s) reserved.
  • Earliest load-in: 9:30am. Latest load-out: 12 midnight.
  • The rates and ancillary fees do not apply to "special" and/or "unusual" use of Theatre including, but not limited to film/video/photo shoots, fashion shows/pageants and the like, which are subject to separate negotiation.
  • All hourly charges are charged in full for any part thereof.
  • All rates and fees are subject to change without notice.
  • All events are subject to theater approval.
Sound Inventory


1 - Yamaha QL1 Console (16 channels)

1 - Yamaha Rio Stage Rack 3224-D2

Speakers, FOH

2 - L-Acoustics x12

2 - L-Acoustics SB15M-2 Subwoofers

Speakers, Monitors

4 - L-Acoustics X12

4 mixes from FOH


6 - Shure SM 58 mics

6 - Shure SM 57 mics

4 - Shure SM81 small diaphragm condenser mics

4 - Sennheiser E604 w/Drum Clips

1 - Audix D6 kick Drum mic

3- Crown PCC160 Boundary mics

4 - Radial JDI Passive Stereo DI Boxes

1- PCDI Stereo DI Box

Snakes, cable, mic stands necessary to complete the job.