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Rental Guidelines

Box Office Guidelines

For ticket sales updates, all correspondence regarding comps, and ticket handling on the day of your show please email [email protected].

General Information

Symphony Space is happy to take care of all your ticketing needs. Our full-service box office is open for phone sales (212.864.5400) 2PM-6PM, ONLY on days when there is a performance on our stages, with some exceptions around holidays. Tickets may be purchased in person at our Box Office, located in our lobby 3PM-6PM, ONLY on days where there is a performance. On the day of your show, our box office windows will stay open until one half hour after your scheduled curtain time. Tickets are also available 24 hours a day on our website, Tickets may not be sold through any other website. In all of your marketing pieces, please direct your buyers to purchase tickets via our phone lines and our website. Please read the following rules and guidelines very carefully and advise those involved in your production of their deadlines.

Customer Fees

Our box office accepts cash and credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa) as payment for tickets. Customers purchasing tickets will be charged a service fee of $5 per ticket. This fee is added to the ticket price.

Facility and Credit Card Fees

All advertised prices must include Symphony Space’s $1.50 Facility Fee. This fee is deducted regardless of how the ticket is sold. Complimentary tickets are not subject to this fee.

Symphony Space also collects 4.5% of credit cards sales. Both of these fees are deducted from the final settlement check.


If you need seats to be held for complimentary tickets, media, etc., or if any seats will be displaced by equipment, etc., you must notify the box office using your Rental Application prior to putting your show on sale. Once tickets have been sold, you must contact the Box Office to add or delete holds, as available. Please note that any videotaping of the performance will displace seats.

Theatre House Seats

Symphony Space reserves the use of 14 tickets in the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre and 6 tickets in the Leonard Nimoy Thalia. These will be released for general sale on the day of show if they are not used. Symphony Space is also required by law to hold back a certain number of wheelchair locations which will be released for general sale on a progressive basis if they are not used.

Pricing Discounts

If you are offering any discount to members of an organization, you must notify the box office using your Rental Application prior to putting your show on sale. Once tickets have sold, the base ticket price cannot be changed.

Complimentary Tickets

If you are offering complimentary tickets, please reach out to the box office. A spreadsheet will be shared with you where we ask that you input last name, first name, email address, and seat assignment for your guests. E-tickets will then be generated. This must be done no later than 12pm the day prior to the event.

Discount Codes

All requests must be submitted on the rental application or via e-mail prior to the event going on sale. There may be up to 5 unique codes. Discount codes cannot contain special characters (%*+$) or spaces and have a character limit of 11.

Day of Show

You must have a designated ticket representative stationed in close proximity to the box office beginning no later than two hours prior to curtain. This person must be available to the Box Office Manager at a moment's notice and must have the authority to authorize emergency comps.

The box office will remain open until one half hour past the scheduled curtain time. If your event sells out the box office will close at the designated curtain time. If the start of your event is delayed the box office will still close one half hour after your scheduled start time.

If you require extra box office service for a second act, marathon, etc., you must notify [email protected] no less than two weeks prior to your show.