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Rental Guidelines

House Guidelines

To speak with the Lead House Manager, please email at or call at 212.864.1414 x280 no later than two weeks before your event to discuss all necessary house needs.

Front-of-House Staff

Symphony Space provides all front-of-house staff including:

  • A House Manager responsible for supervising all front-of-house functions
  • Ushers responsible for scanning tickets and directing patrons to their seats
  • Lobby staff for purposes of safety and audience control
  • For private events only: Producer must provide staff to handle audience check in

Use of House

All theater Fire Lanes including but not limited to aisles, staircases, café areas and corridors must be kept clear at all times of people and effects.

Any front-of-house effects or special décor such as display materials, easels, tables, banners, etc. must be approved by the House Manager. The placement of special décor or effects must be strictly adhered to as advised by the House Manager.


You are permitted to sell concessions (CDs, books, posters, t-shirts, etc.) at your show. You must provide your concessionaire. When sales are concluded, prior to load-out, the concessionaire must pay Symphony Space a commission of 20% of your gross sales.

Symphony Space has the right (but not the obligation) to sell its own concessions at your show, including merchandise and refreshments.

Only Symphony Space may sell food or drink during your show.


Monica Broadman, Director of Event Management, handles all receptions, catering and food and beverage needs for the Symphony Space and its visiting presenters. Please contact her at [email protected] or at 212.864.1414 x213.


Please provide your printed program in sufficient quantity and in a manner complete and ready for handout to the House Manager no later than 3 hours prior to curtain. It is important that your program is printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper folded in half to conform to the theater "playbill" size.

Please do not place materials on seats.

Photography and Recording

Cameras may not be used during an event without prior consent of Symphony Space. Flash devises are strictly prohibited during an event.

You must inform the Event Management Department ([email protected]) at least two weeks prior to your event if it is to be recorded, for archival and/or promotional purposes only on film, video or audio tape. If the Event Management Department grants permission, a recording authorization form must be signed. All recording devices must be in place before the house opens to the public. Recording must not interfere with the audience’s ability to enjoy the event.

House Opening

The theater will open to the public a half hour prior to the scheduled curtain time. The stage must be performance-ready and house cleared at that time.


It is your responsibility to restore the theater to “as is” condition. You must check all backstage areas including dressing rooms, west gallery and green room to ascertain that all of your effects have been removed and packed for load-out, and that all areas used by you and your staff have been left in a "broom clean" condition.


You may only use blue painter's tape (which you must supply) when affixing signage and this must only be done on non-painted surfaces. All placement of signage must be approved with the House Manager.