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Selected Shorts

Broadcast Schedule

Below is the schedule for upcoming and previous Selected Shorts episodes.

Our most recently released shows are available for audio streaming HERE.

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    To the Rescue
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer
    “Animal Hospital,” by Joe Meno, performed by Becky Ann Baker
    “The Silk Handkerchief,” by Sait Faik Abasiyanik, translated by Alexander Dawe and Maureen Freely, performed by Amir Arison
    “First Aid,” by Margaret Atwood, performed by Maggie Siff
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    Holiday Hurdles
    HOST: David Sedaris
    “Powder,” by Tobias Wolff, performed by Isaiah Sheffer
    “Gifts of the Jewish Magi,” by Allegra Goodman, performed by Michael Cerveris and Dana Ivey
    “Christmas in New York,” by Jeanette Winterson, performed by Richard Masur
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    Coming and Going
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “City,” by Kurt Vonnegut, performed by Bhavesh Patel and Sarah Steele
    Another Country
    (excerpt), by James Baldwin, performed by Nathan Hinton
    “The Long Voyage,” by Leonardo Sciascia, translated by Simon Carnell & Erica Segre, performed by John Turturro
    “Three Hours Between Planes,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, performed by Stephen Colbert

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    Ken Burns Presents Willa Cather’s America
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “The Way of the World,” by Willa Cather, performed by Sonia Manzano
    “A Wagner Matinée,” by Willa Cather, performed by David Strathairn

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    Who, What, Where?
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “What Animal Are You?” by Etgar Keret, performed by Willem Dafoe
    “Nothing Can Come Between Us,” by Rumaan Alam, performed by Nathan Hinton
    “Who’s Irish?” by Gish Jen, performed by Freda Foh Shen

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    A Simple Solution
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Top of the Food Chain,” by T.C. Boyle, performed by Zach Grenier
    “Carapace,” by Matthew Ryan Frankel, performed by Philip Estrera
    “The Suitcase,” by Meron Hadero, performed by Renée Elise Goldsberry

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    Ferocious Figureheads
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Lumberjack Mom,” by Carribean Fragoza, performed by Roberta Colindrez
    “Fun with a Stranger,” by Richard Yates, performed by Marian Seldes

  • 11 9 Podcast Image 23


    Dangerous Women
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Unpopular Gals,” by Margaret Atwood, performed by Ann Harada
    “A Way with Bea,” by Shanteka Sigers, performed by Pascale Armand
    “The Yellow Wallpaper” (abridged), by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, performed by Carrie Coon
    With commentary from host Mona Eltahawy

  • 11 2 Podcast Image 23


    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Relapse,” by Simon Rich, performed by Ophira Eisenberg
    “Thank You, M’am,” by Langston Hughes, performed by Pauletta Washington
    “The Swim Team,” by Miranda July, performed by Parker Posey

  • 10 26 Podcast Image 23


    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “My Mother,” by Jamaica Kincaid, performed by Laurine Towler
    “Lessons,” by Laura van den Berg, performed by Emily Skeggs

  • 10 19 Podcast Image 23


    Just the Thing
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Shoulder-Top Secretary,” by Shinichi Hoshi, translated by Jay Rubin, performed by Thom Sesma
    “It Had Wings,” by Allan Gurganus, performed by Marian Seldes
    “The Toynbee Convector,” by Ray Bradbury, performed by Mike Doyle

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    It's About Time
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “The Knowers,” by Helen Phillips, performed by Stockard Channing
    “Time Invents Us,” by Anita Felicelli, performed by Kirsten Vangsness

  • 10 5 Podcast Image 23


    Antagonists Wanted
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Thank You, Mr. Nixon,” by Gish Jen, performed by Cindy Cheung
    “Playing Ping-Pong with Pontius Pilate,” by Greg Ames, performed by Nate Corddry
    “Captain Ahab: A Novel by the White Whale,” by Paul West, performed by Diane Venora

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    A Didion Duo
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    The White Album (excerpt), by Joan Didion, performed by Jill Eikenberry
    “Goodbye to All That,” by Joan Didion, performed by Mia Dillon

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    Generation Gap
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Trash Kites,” by Justin Torres, performed by Colman Domingo
    “The World with My Mother Still in It,” by Kathryn Chetkovich, performed by Phillipa Soo
    “Ancient Rome,” by Kyle McCarthy, performed by Tavi Gevinson

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    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “The Thief’s Tale,” by Meron Hadero, performed by Teagle F. Bougere
    “The Tallest Doll in New York City,” by Maria Dahvana Headley, performed by Becca Blackwell
    “The Feather Behind the Rock,” by Anne Tyler, performed by Jane Curtin

  • 9 7 Podcast Image 23


    Make A Meal Of It
    GUEST HOST: Roxane Gay

    “Three Great Meals,” by Donald Barthelme (published under the pseudonym William White), performed by Nate Corddry
    “Simple Recipes,” by Madeleine Thien, performed by Cindy Cheung
    “Lamb to the Slaughter,” by Roald Dahl, performed by Catherine O’Hara

  • 8 31 Podcast Image 23 1


    Perfectly Unmatched
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “The Man and the Moose,” by Ben Loory, performed by Michael Cerveris
    “Red Dirt Don’t Wash,” by Roger Mais, performed by Brandon J. Dirden
    “The Piano Teacher’s Pupil,” by William Trevor, performed by Kathryn Erbe
    With commentary from Marlon James and Elizabeth Strout

  • 8 24 Podcast Image 23


    Small Odysseys
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “The Project,” by Susan Perabo, performed by Michael Shannon
    “The King of Bread,” by Luis Alberto Urrea, performed by Javier Muñoz

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    The Way I See It
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “You Can Find Love Now,” by Ramona Ausubel, performed by Amy Ryan and Martin Short
    “The Weave,” by Charles Johnson, performed by Arnell Powell
    “Blue Light, Red Light,” by J. Robert Lennon, performed by Fred Hechinger

  • Podcast Image 23 1


    Mothers Know Best
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Trip In A Summer Dress,” by Annette Sanford, performed by Mia Dillon
    “Palaver,” by Bryan Washington, performed by Petronia Paley and Michael Potts

  • Podcast Image 23


    Tangled Lives
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Missed Connection—M4W,” by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, performed by Richard Kind
    “My Years of Living Dangerously,” by Danielle Henderson, performed by Karen Pittman
    “Run Run Run Run Run Run Run Away,” by Melissa Bank, performed by Julianna Margulies

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    Behind Her Eyes
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “A Lamp in a Window,” by Truman Capote, performed by Arian Moayed
    “What Do You Say?” by Molly Giles, performed by Parker Posey
    “Crazy They Call Me,” by Zadie Smith, performed by Karen Pittman

  • 7 13 Podcast Image 23 1


    McSweeney's 25th Anniversary Extravaganza
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Poor Little Egg-Boy Hatched in a Shul,” by Nathan Englander, performed by Ophira Eisenberg
    “Crumb Cake,” by Etgar Keret, performed by Andy Richter
    “Stay Brave, My Hercules,” by Ernie Wang, performed by BD Wong
    Stephin Merritt performs “Smile! (No One Cares How You Feel)” (podcast only)

  • 7 13 Podcast Image 23


    Didn't See It Coming
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Agouti,” by Brenda Williams, performed by Laurine Towler
    “The Veldt,” by Ray Bradbury, performed by Stephen Colbert

  • 7 6 Podcast Image 23


    Punching In
    GUEST HOST: Maulik Pancholy

    “Bayonne,” by John Cheever, performed by Mary Kay Place
    “Alvin the Typesetter,” by Lydia Davis, performed by David Rakoff
    “OBF, Inc.” by Bernice L. McFadden, performed by Teagle F. Bougere

  • 6 29 Podcast Image 23 1


    Reading Between the Lines
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “The Book,” by Ben Loory, performed by Jane Kaczmarek
    “Things I Know to Be True,” by Kendra Fortmeyer, performed by Calvin Leon Smith
    Special feature: A visit the Three Lives & Company Booksellers

  • 6 22 Podcast Image 23


    Sleight of Hand
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “The Third Wife,” by Penelope Lively, performed by Daniel Gerroll and Patricia Kalember
    “Tempo,” by R.O. Kwon, performed by Hettienne Park
    “The Alaska of Giants and Gods,” by Dave Eggers, performed by Kate Burton

  • 6 14 Podcast Image 23


    Margaret Atwood: Future Imperfect
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “There Was Once,” by Margaret Atwood, performed by René Auberjonois, Zach Grenier, and Jane Kaczmarek
    “Widows,” by Margaret Atwood, performed by Ellen Burstyn
    “Freeforall,” by Margaret Atwood, performed by Becky Ann Baker
    With commentary from Margaret Atwood

  • 6 8 Podcast Image 23


    All of It with Alison Stewart
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Doggy-Dog World,” by Hilary Leichter, performed by Sarah Mezzanotte
    “Horror Story,” by Carmen Maria Machado, performed by Molly Bernard
    “Sister Godzilla,” by Louise Erdrich, performed by Cynthia Nixon

  • Podcast 6 1 2023


    Pride Inside
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “No Bikini,” by Ivan E. Coyote, performed by Becca Blackwell
    “Sleepless,” by Michael Cunningham, performed by Mike Doyle
    “Snowfall,” by Deesha Philyaw, performed by Michelle Beck
    “Song for the Kicked Out,” by Kay Ulanday Barrett, performed by Kay Ulanday Barrett

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    A Point of Honor
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Letter Home,” by Kurt Vonnegut, performed by Jordan Klepper
    “Red,” by Maile Meloy, performed by Keith Szarabajka
    “The Cruise of the Jolly Roger,” by Kurt Vonnegut, performed by Teagle F. Bougere

  • 5 18 Podcast Image 23


    With a Little Help
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “How to Take Dad to the Doctor,” by Jenny Allen, performed by Jennifer Mudge
    “Friends,” by Laura van den Berg, performed by Roberta Colindrez
    “The Little Heidelberg,” by Isabel Allende, performed by Kathleen Turner
    “Injustice,” by Grace Paley, performed by Jackie Hoffman

  • 5 11 Podcast Image 23


    The Best American Short Stories 2022
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “The Little Widow from the Capital,” by Yohanca Delgado, performed by Krystina Alabado
    “Wild Plums,” by Grace Stone Coates, performed by Mia Dillon
    With commentary from Andrew Sean Greer

  • 5 4 Podcast Image 23


    No Filter
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Un-Selfie,” by Aimee Bender, performed by Alysia Reiner
    “Best Western,” by Louise Erdrich, performed by Patricia Kalember

  • 4 27 Podcast Image 23


    The Stories We Tell Ourselves
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “My Podiatrist Tells Me a Story About a Boy and a Dog,” by Mary Gordon, performed by Richard Masur and Bebe Neuwirth
    “A Down Home Meal for These Difficult Times,” by Meron Hadero, performed by Chinasa Ogbuagu
    “Love, Your Only Mother,” by David Michael Kaplan, performed by Bebe Neuwirth
    With commentary from Brooke Gladstone

  • 4 20 Podcast Image 23


    Secret Spaces
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “The Elevator Dancer,” by N. K. Jemisin, performed by Laura Gómez
    “The Hollow,” by Greg Jackson, performed by Hugh Dancy

  • 4 13 Podcast Image 23


    On Repeat
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “oh she gotta head fulla hair,” by Ntozake Shange, performed by Tamara Tunie
    “Half a Day,” by Naguib Mahfouz, performed by Bruce Altman
    “Fenstad’s Mother,” by Charles Baxter, performed by Edie Falco

  • 4 7 Podcast Image 23


    Grace Paley Centennial
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Wants,” by Grace Paley, performed by Adina Verson
    “Ruthy and Edie,” by Grace Paley, performed by Rita Wolf
    “Goodbye and Good Luck,” by Grace Paley, performed by Joanna Gleason
    With commentary from Lauren Groff

  • 3 29 Podcast Image 23


    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Let’s Get Drinks,” by Kelly Stout, performed by Jane Curtin and Jane Kaczmarek
    “True Friendship,” by Jorge F. Hernández, performed by Michael Urie
    “The Last Words Of Benito Picone,” by Anthony Marra, performed by John Turturro

  • 3 23 Podcast Image 23


    Approaching Peace
    GUEST HOST: Hope Davis

    “Break,” by Rabih Alameddine, performed by Pooya Mohseni
    “Your Mother And I,” by Dave Eggers, performed by David Rakoff
    “Silver Water,” by Amy Bloom, performed by Linda Lavin

  • 3 16 Podcast Image 23


    Slippery Roads and Fancy Shorts
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Lederhosen,” by Haruki Murakami, translated by Alfred Birnbaum, performed by Aasif Mandvi
    “Robinson Crusoe at the Waterpark,” by Elizabeth McCracken, performed by Mike Doyle

  • 3 9 Podcast Image 23


    The World According to Vonnegut
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Harrison Bergeron,” by Kurt Vonnegut, performed by Becky Ann Baker
    “The Kid Nobody Could Handle,” by Kurt Vonnegut, performed by Dylan Baker
    With commentary from Jordan Klepper

  • 3 2 Podcast Image 23 1


    The Road Not Taken
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “A Woman Driving Alone,” by Marie-Helene Bertino, performed by Amber Tamblyn
    “Nine Inches,” by Tom Perrotta, performed by Santino Fontana

  • 2 23 Podcast Image 23


    Work of Art
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Blue Girl,” by Elizabeth Crane, performed by Valorie Curry
    “Lessons with Father,” by Jai Chakrabarti, performed by Purva Bedi
    “Varengeville,” by William Boyd, performed by Dan Stevens

  • 2 16 Podcast Image 23


    Almost Like Love
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “How to Talk To A Hunter,” by Pam Houston, performed by Mia Dillon
    “Pat + Sam,” by Lisa Ko, performed by Jennifer Ikeda

  • 2 9 Podcast Image 23


    School Misrule
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Singin' in the Acid Rain,” by Patricia Marx, performed by Katrina Lenk
    “The School,” by Donald Barthelme, performed by Laura Esterman
    “Melvin in the Sixth Grade,” by Dana Johnson, performed by Nikki M. James
    With commentary from Tara Westover

  • 2 1 Podcast Image 23


    Domestic Rearrangements
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Scaffolding Man,” by Jenny Allen, performed by Patricia Kalember
    “Myrna’s Dad,” by Cyn Vargas, performed by Krystina Alabado
    “Overtime,” by Hilma Wolitzer, performed by Becky Ann Baker

  • 1 26 Podcast Image 23


    Jokes and Poems with Mike Birbiglia and J. Hope Stein
    GUEST HOST: Jane Curtin

    “Little Astronaut,” “Prank Calls From Fish,” “Body, I Never Knew I Could Love You,” and “Wean,” by J. Hope Stein, performed by J. Hope Stein
    “I Love My Marriage” and “Slice of Life,” by Mike Birbiglia, performed by Mike Birbiglia
    “The Cat and the Baboon,” by David Sedaris, performed by Carmen Lynch
    “When I Tell My Husband I Miss the Sun, He Knows,” by Paige Lewis, performed by Jane Kaczmarek
    “Rain, New Year’s Eve,” by Maggie Smith, performed by Kaneza Schaal
    “New Client,” by Simon Rich, performed by Mike Birbiglia and Andrea Martin
    “What I Didn’t Know Before,” by Ada Limón, performed by Carmen Lynch
    “Praise the Rain,” by Joy Harjo, performed by Kaneza Schaal (podcast only)
    “Grand Union,” by Zadie Smith, performed by Kaneza Schaal

  • 1 19 Podcast Image 23


    Love Object
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “A Love Letter,” by Greg Ames, performed by Maulik Pancholy
    “Sugar Babies,” by Kali Fajardo-Anstine, performed by Sonia Manzano

  • 1 12 Podcast Image 23


    When Push Comes To Shove: Stories By George Saunders
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “Love Letter,” by George Saunders, performed by Stephen Colbert
    “The Falls,” by George Saunders, performed by René Auberjonois
    Featuring a conversation with George Saunders

  • 1 5 Podcast Image


    On the Run
    HOST: Meg Wolitzer

    “The Briefcase,” by Rebecca Makkai, performed by Victor Garber
    “Paradise,” by Yxta Maya Murray, performed by Tanis Parenteau