National Council of Jewish Women New York Presents
Jewish Women's Film Festival
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The Jewish Women's Film Festival, sponsored by the Eleanor Leff Jewish Women's Resource Center of the National Council of Jewish Women New York, is a presentation of films submitted in competition. This unique festival focuses on the experiences, aspirations, and accomplishments of Jewish women through the ages and throughout the world.

Join us as the voices of Jewish women are revealed through the medium of film.

My Paradise of Shards: Director- Anna Katrin Schneider (43 Minutes - English and subtitles) - A chain of miracles is how Israeli artist Ilana Shafir describes her story. As a girl, she fled the Holocaust in the former Yugoslavia. Confronted with war throughout her life, Ilana found escape in a world of art. Surrounded by her own garden, where "there is no evil," she lives in the midst of conflict. The treasures of her astounding life story are uplifting, moving, and unbelievably optimistic.

The Sunrise Storyteller: Director- Kasha Sequoia Slavner (64 Minutes) - At age sixteen, the filmmaker convinces her mother to travel the world with her for six months. The trip's purpose and its resulting documentary is to introduce us to people determined to rise above adversity. In search of stories of hope and resilience, Ms. Slavner shines a light on what it means to be a global citizen and how any one of us can make a difference.

Munich ‘72 and Beyond: Director- Stephen Crisman (29 Minutes - English and subtitles) - In chilling detail, the film revisits the tragic day 11 Israeli coaches and athletes, participating in the Munich 1972 Olympics, were murdered. An intensely emotional account, the film brings forth new information about the first act of modern terrorism to be viewed worldwide- and its devastating aftermath.

*Reception at Bar Thalia - 6:30PM to 8:30PM
The Eleanor Leff Jewish Women's Resource Center will present its "Ellie Award" to the Director of the Best Film as selected by an independent panel of judges. There will also be an "Ellie Award" presentation to Lynne Littman, representing the Original Six women directors, who, in 1979, "banded together to challenge the male-run Hollywood machine..."

Click here <https://www.ncjwny.org/event/jewish-womens-film-festival-at-symphony-space/> for more information.
*Reception tickets can only be purchased by contacting NCJW NY at 646-884-9461.