David L. Harris: Blues I Felt
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Evoking the musical traditions of New Orleans, David L. Harris and his quartet explore a world where modern jazz meets the sultriness of the blues, in an evening filled with passion, grit, and plenty of swing.



David L Harris is a trombone player, vocalist, composer, and arranger from Baton Rouge and New Orleans, Louisiana. His music transcends our current notions of what music can or should be. International and domestic audiences alike adore his band (as do the critics!). Harris demonstrates in every show how he prizes the gift of sharing jazz from New Orleans, for the genre enables the creation of artwork that could not be made anywhere else in the world. His masterful team joins him in this endeavor, most recently with the critically acclaimed Blues I Felt, Mr Harris’ debut album.

Harris embodies the edge of modern jazz and the sultriness of the blues. Every time he steps on stage, he takes us on the emotionally engaging journey of love and liberation, wrapped in a sound that embraces the groove, grit and swing of the past. Growing up in a neighborhood called Scotlandville, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mr. Harris found his fingers pressed against the sliding brace of the trombone at the age of sixteen and has never let go since. 

Continuing to let his love for music lead him, nowadays he can be found swinging his plunger mute gently against the bell of his Antoine Courtois trombone, while playing alongside highly noted musicians at concerts and festivals all over the world. He has captured and moved audiences in China, Europe, Russia, South America, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and in over twenty cities in Japan. 


"The old and the new are perfectly content to mix and mingle in Harris' music. It's that acceptance of both that makes (him) a standout." –All About Jazz