New York Chamber Ensemble Presents
The Tiny Mustache
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The Tiny Mustache imagines the backstage story of young teens involved in musical and theatrical performances at the Ghetto in Terezin, Czechoslovakia during WW II. These shows were permitted by the Nazis, in part, to perpetuate the myth that people in the Ghetto were allowed to live normal lives and to hide the reality that cast and orchestra members were routinely shipped to death camps after performances. This work in development is based on actual events and seeks to provide a deep and moving perspective on the survivors and the young lost in the Holocaust. With a book by Steven Fialkoff and an original score by Eliot Bailen, this endearing story seeks to convey what it must have been like for the young performers on one special day in June of 1944. *This two act play runs 2:10 hrs with the intermission. www.thetinymustache.com