Orchestra of Our Time Presents
Alan Seidler Memorial Concert 2
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Seniors, Students, Children $10

Each ticket subject to a $5 service fee.

On April 5th 2016, a concert of new music will be held in honor of American composer Alan Seidler. This event is the second of a series of concerts organized by the organization Orchestra of Our Time under the directorship of composer and conductor Joel Thome. The program features three works by Seidler, one of which is arranged by Thome, a work by John Cage, and another by Frank Zappa. Other works in the program include compositions by Iranian composer Gregory Aslani, Russian composer and clarinettist Alexey Gorokolevsky, Maltese-born composer Mariella Cassar-Cordina, Mexican composer Humberto Delolmo, and American composers David Sheer, and Kathy Halvorson. Among the performers taking part in this concert are the avant/progressive/cutting edge electro-acoustic string quartet Scorchio, singers Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek and Dary John Mizelle, and the Noavaran Persian ensemble.

More information: www.orchestraofourtime.com