The Paper Bag Players Saddles and Sunshine
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 Don't Miss The Fresh Out Of The Bag Surprises in this All-New Show

There is nothing like an old-fashioned "Western Welcome" to get a show off to a rousing start! When The Paper Bag Players cowboys and cowgirls gallop onto the stage in the all-new show, THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS SADDLES AND SUNSHINE, singing and wishing you a great big "Howdy!" you'll be up on your feet, clapping and singing along!

THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS SADDLES AND SUNSHINE combines funny stories, charming characters, lively music, dancing and lots of opportunities for the audience to be a part of the fun. Created especially for children ages 3 through 8-there is enough fun in this show to entertain the entire family! And Ted, Laura, Amy, Kevin and John at the electric piano are all back to guarantee every moment is full of theatrical magic.

Once you have been warmly welcomed to the show, the fun continues non-stop. In Move That Fence, Laura and Amy might be neighbors but that doesn't mean they always get along. Especially when Amy decide to put up a fence. Their disagreement heats up into an argument. They decide to settle the fate of the fence at the 10th Annual Bluebell County Fair Pie-Eating Contest. They enter. When a surprise contestant shows up, Laura and Amy decide compromising with each other may be the best idea-especially when there's a bear out there!

In a musical piece, The Life of A Bowling Pin, a new pin is being filled in on the alley life, "You get knocked down and get up again, That's the life of a bowling pin . . . " She listens politely but when a bowling ball heads their way, the new pin decides the alley life isn't for her-she's going to become an art teacher.

In Don't Wake The Baby the audience gets in on the act. Mother needs to get her baby a blanket. She leaves the audience in charge. It's up to you to make sure the baby isn't awakened. Uh-oh, here comes a road crew, a fire engine, a brass band---Shhhhhh!

THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS SADLES AND SUNSHINE was created and written by all The Paper Bag Players: Ted Brackett (who also directs), Laura Canty-Samuel, John Stone, Amy Walsh, Kevin

Richard Woodall and scenic artists, Jon Peck. Ted Brackett, Artistic Director, explained, "We all work to create a theatrical world where our audience feels at home, understood. This year the show deals with making new friends, feeling out of step, learning how important it is to value yourself--issues very important to our audiences. Our approach to these subjects is very lighthearted. We really want the experience of seeing our theater to be a happy, fun experience. We leave it to our audience to find the meaning, make the connections to their life."

Have you ever been blamed for something you didn't do? Well you know exactly how Laura feels. Bob the Slob decides to take his lunch break on the park bench right next to her. They are both quickly surrounded by a veritable blizzard of litter and just guess who has to clean up the mess!

In the dance number Box Ballet you'll see how being a step behind of everyone else can, with a little help from your friends, lead to something completely unique. Wait until you see those cardboard boxes glide across the dance floor.

Do you think a very perky red balloon and a prickly; desert-dry cactus could ever become friends? In a Paper Bag Players show they sure can! They can even harmonize about it in a terrific new song.

Speaking of songs, Composer John Stone has outdone himself. The show is absolutely overflowing with new music and sing-alongable songs. Listen and you will hear everything from Country and Western to salsa, ragtime, hip hop, classical, disco, rock & roll, and even a barber shop quartet!

And in the "get out of your seat" finale, Spin A Dance, music, comedy and movement all come together and you're a vital part of the fun. You'll not only join in dancing, you get to spin the wheel and decide which steps everyone does!

55 years ago this company began with not much more than a paper bag. Since then laughter, singing, dancing and art have been tumbling out of that bag with award-winning regularity. Don't miss the newest, fresh out of the bag surprises in THE PAPER BAG PLAYERS SADDLES AND SUNSHINE!