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Cultural Celebrations

  • Culture | African Arts, Asian Arts, Latin American Arts, Native American Arts, Cross Culture, American Arts
  • Format | Workshop, School Assembly, Community Event
  • Discipline | Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Storytelling, Literary Arts
  • Level | Grades 3 to 5, Grades 6 to 8, Grades 9 to 12

For over 30 years, we’ve partnered with schools to develop cultural celebrations that are right for your students.

Our interactive Global Arts: Cultural Literacy & Heritage assemblies bring student audiences on an entertaining, educational journey through historic and contemporary artistic traditions from Africa, Asia, and Latin America, as well as indigenous people from North and South America, and the diverse cultures and voices represented in the United States.

Assemblies include performances by professional artists in music, dance, storytelling, and/or theater. They also include audience participation through call-and-response interludes and chances for student volunteers to get on stage to try out the art forms themselves.

Celebrate the cultures within and beyond your school communities with Symphony Space!

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