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Safety Measures at Symphony Space

We are thrilled to be welcoming you to Symphony Space!

Masks are required: everyone 2 years of age and older (except artists while performing) must wear a mask at all times while in the building.

Proof of full vaccination is required for certain events. Be sure to check the individual event pages for all shows you plan to attend.

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Cultural Celebrations

  • Culture | Africa, Asia, Latin America, Native American, Cross Culture, American History
  • Format | Workshop, School Assembly, Community Event
  • Discipline | Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Storytelling, Literary Arts
  • Level | Grades 3 to 5, Grades 6 to 8, Grades 9 to 12

Complete cultural celebrations with presentations to peers and school community. Choose from a selection of teaching artists from diverse artistic disciplines and cultures to create an interactive, creative, educational experience for your students.


Misha McGlown
Education Artists Misha Mcglown

Misha McGlown is a multifaceted artist, curator, and educator specializing in wearable art, jewelry design, painting, and metalwork – all of which showcase her deep interest in African culture and ancient civilizations. As a teaching artist, she has participated with Groundswell Mural Arts Project, Arts Horizons, and Manhattan Youth. She has been awarded artist grants by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Puffin Foundation, and Harlem Arts Alliance. Ms. McGlown was educated at Wayne State University and the Center for Creative Studies.

Rose Pearlman
Education Artists Rose Pearlman

Rose Pearlman is a painter and fiber artist who has exhibited her work in New York City and Vermont. She has been teaching art in public schools and facilitating art workshops in the New York City area for over 12 years. Classes have included print-making, weaving, painting, clay, sculpture, calligraphy, photography, and textile design. She holds a B.F.A in Photography from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Women of the Calabash
Education Artists Women Of The Calabash

Women of the Calabash, founded in 1978, combines traditional instruments, vocals, and music forms with contemporary influences to perform music from Africa, the Caribbean, and black America. Under artistic director Madeleine Yayodele Nelson, Women of the Calabash uses moments during workshops and performances to teach the history and playing techniques of the various instruments used, giving context to the music they perform. Women of the Calabash shared billing with performers such as the Temptations, Richie Havens, Philip Glass, Odetta, and more.

Nai-Ni Chen
Education Artists Nai Ni Chen

The Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, formed by Nai-Ni Chen, has produced more than 20 national tours reaching 41 states in the United States, as well as 9 international tours. The company’s residency program for Chinese-American heritage has been selected by the Chinese Language Teachers Association as a model for collaborative language and arts education. Nai-Ni received her B.A. in Dance at the Chinese Culture University, and an M.A. in Dance and Dance Education at NYU.

Chinese American Arts Council
Education Artists Chinese American Arts Council

Chinese American Arts Council consists of artists who have trained in China and who were stars of the Beijing and Shaoxing Opera Troupes. Recipients of numerous awards for their work in China, these artists specialize in warrior roles and are skilled in many styles of theatrical martial arts. Their performances and workshops introduce students and teachers to works from the Beijing, Shaoxing, Kun, and Cantonese Opera repertories.

Education Artists Taikoza

Taikoza, a Japanese music and dance group, was founded by Marco Lienhard in 1995. With 3,000 concerts to their credit, Taikoza has appeared at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Boston Symphony Hall, Symphony Space, Hong Kong Cultural Center, and Suntory Hall in Tokyo. They have appeared on ESPN, at the Sumo tournament at Madison Square Garden, and have recorded music for a Nintendo Wii game: “Red Steel.” They have presented programs at Grand Central Station as a promotion for the city of Tokyo, and at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden for the cherry blossom celebration.

Ballet Fiesta Mexicana
Education Artists Ballet Fiesta Mexicana Yloy Ybarra

Ballet Fiesta Mexicana, under the direction of Yloy Ybarra, teaches traditional dances and the folklore of Mexico through dance, music, and storytelling. As an educator, Yloy has worked for 25 years in the New York City public schools with numerous organizations and companies including Young Audiences New York, Symphony Space’s Global Arts program, Lotus Music and Dance, Community Works, and Arts Connection, bringing dance to thousands of children every year.

Capoeira Luanda
Education Artists Capoeira Luanda

Capoeira Luanda aka The Capoeira Foundation is under the direction of Mestre Jelon Viera. As founder and artistic director of The Capoeira Foundation and Dance Brazil, he and the late Loremil Machado were the first artists to bring traditional Afro-Brazilian dance and Capoeira to the United States over thirty years ago. Capoeira Luanda artists trained in Brazil and established in New York incorporate the values of self-esteem and discipline in the Latin American Studies programs.

Regina Larkin
Education Artists Regina Larkin

Regina Larkin is internationally recognized as a master teacher, dancer, and choreographer, representing the U.S.I.A. “Good Will” missions throughout Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Iraq. She has developed and implemented numerous urban and rural arts programs for underserved populations of youth and schools. She is the Manager of Education Programs at Symphony Space and is a graduate of Adelphi University receiving her B.A. in Dance and M.A. in Fine Arts and was a professor of dance for over two decades.

Jerbean Gilkes
Education Artists Jerbean Gilkes

Jerbean Gilkes is a dance teacher and choreographer based in New York City. Jerbean has been a member of Symphony Space’s Global Arts program since 1989, as a part of the African dance curriculum. He specializes in year-long residencies at public schools primarily in Brooklyn. Jerbean is a former member of Barbados Dance Theatre Company and the Gallman’s Newark Dance Company and has worked with the Carribean Dance Company in St. Croix. Jerbean has taught in New York City public schools as well as local colleges. He has been a member of the Charles Moore Dance Theatre since 1986.

Linda Russell
Education Artists Linda Russell

Linda Russell uses voice, and mountain and hammered dulcimer to explore history through music. She has appeared in schools and festivals nationwide including Lincoln Center and the Carnegie Hall Folk Festival with Tom Paxton and Mike Seeger. Having been the official balladeer at Federal Hall National Memorial for 16 years, she has recorded eight albums of traditional and popular music of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Leaf Arrow Storytellers
Education Artists Leaf Arrow Storytellers

Leaf Arrow Storytellers, featuring Joe Cross of the Caddo Indian Nation of Oklahoma and Donna Couteau Cross of the Sac and Fox Nation of Oklahoma, use songs, dances, and stories to present interactive workshops and performances. Leaf Arrow Storytellers bring to life the teachings and histories of various Native American tribes, giving their stories deeper meaning by incorporating authentic artifacts and dances and sharing many personal stories and possessions as part of their presentation. As Leaf Arrow Storytellers, Donna and Joe have performed at over 700 schools, as well as at cultural institutions across the United States.

The Thunderbird American Indian Dancers
Education Artists The Thunderbird American Indian Dancers

The Thunderbird American Indian Dancers, led by Louis Mofsie, are the oldest resident Native American dance company in New York. The troupe was founded in 1963 by a group of ten Native American men and women, all New Yorkers, who were descended from Mohawk, Hopi, Winnebago, and San Blas tribes. Through the rhythms and movements of authentic, traditional dances and songs, students learn the geographical origins of native tribes, and discuss the history of the Iroquois people.

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