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Chinese Opera and Martial Arts

Offerings Education Main 9
  • Culture | Asia
  • Format | Workshop, Cultural Field Trip, After School Program
  • Discipline | Music, Dance, Theatre, Literary Arts
  • Level | Grades 3 to 5, Grades 6 to 8, Grades 9 to 12

Teaching artists perform and discuss the five elements of traditional Chinese opera—singing, talking, acting, fighting, and tumbling—with students, providing a deeper understanding of the discipline. An exploration of these elements elicits interactive discussion, learning the five elements in the Mandarin language, and practice with stage fighting skills, movement, and mime.


Chinese American Arts Council
Education Artists Chinese American Arts Council

Chinese American Arts Council consists of artists who have trained in China and who were stars of the Beijing and Shaoxing Opera Troupes. Recipients of numerous awards for their work in China, these artists specialize in warrior roles and are skilled in many styles of theatrical martial arts. Their performances and workshops introduce students and teachers to works from the Beijing, Shaoxing, Kun, and Cantonese Opera repertories.

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