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Code 9 Officer Needs Assistance Documentary
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The Code 9 Project proudly presents Code 9 Officer Needs Assistance. The Code 9 Project is a national organization dedicated to providing education, support and viable self-help tools to your local Police, Fire and Public Safety Personnel for the purpose of managing and reducing the compressive stress effects related to these high pressure careers.

The Code 9 documentary film takes a deep look into the stress and trauma our police officers/first responders deal with on the job which may lead to PTSD and even worst suicide. More police officers die by suicide than are shot in the line of duty.

While we expect many of our returning war veterans to experience PTSD, we generally have little awareness of, and offer almost no treatment for, our police/first responders here at home. This lack of recognition and treatment has destroyed careers and families. It is estimated that for every police suicide that there are about 1000 police officers working the streets with undiagnosed and untreated anxiety, depression and PTSD.

The film will be followed by a Q and A with the co-founders of Code 9 Project.
Code 9 Project's mission is to provide education, support and viable self-help tools to all Public Safety Personnel and their families for the purpose of managing and reducing the compressive stress effects, such as PTSD and suicide. Our mission will also serve as the bridge between First Responders and the community by raising awareness of the negative impact of compressive stress disorders on our First Responders and the ripple effect they have on our communities, as well as actively engaging the community in making these tools available to their local First Responders. We come together to help support and save the lives of those weary from saving other's lives. We come together to unite, support and connect our First Responders, Families, Organizations and Communities for each other's wellbeing.

The proceeds raised from the screening will go to the Code 9 Project to help them continue their work in bringing the Code 9 S.H.A.R.E. (Self and Help and Responsive Education) workshops to Command Staff, First Responders and their families all over the U.S.

The Code 9 film has screened at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival and the Gasparilla Film Festival. It has won the TBUFF Audience Feature Choice Award 2015, the INDIEfest Award of Merit and the Laurel of Excellence Award for successfully meeting the TBAE Network's broadcasting standards of content excellence, artistic merit, technical execution, and/or educational substance.

The film is Produced by Dangerous Curves Productions in association with Nebula Productions
The Code 9 Project is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization


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