Pet Media Inc. Presents
The New York Dog Film Festival
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Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space
Sat, Oct 15, 2016 11:00am
Sat, Oct 15, 2016 2:00pm
Sat, Oct 15, 2016 5:00pm
Sat, Oct 15, 2016 8:00pm
Expected Run Time is 120 minutes
$15; Children $10


11 AM
DOGS BRITISH STYLE The English View of Dogs (2 hours)
Featuring the first New York screening of the feature film SNIFF (87 minutes) which is a lively combination of two documentaries about training a Guide Dog for the Blind and a Search and Rescue dog, combined with a Monty Python type narrative of a San Francisco "dog hotel" (run by "Pulp Fiction" star Amanda Plummer) and two British actors (the star of "Men Behaving Badly,"Neil Morrissey and buddy Richard Huw) who finance their documentaries by dressing up as canine concierges.
Preceded by 30 minutes of distinctly British short films. "Rocket" (2 minutes) came out of the "1,000 Londoners" film series and depicts how Jennifer Sheridan, the owner of an adorable terrier, became a filmmaker to make her dog the subject of his own film; "Pup Culture" (10 minutes) is Elle Marsh's documentary about the delightfully odd ways that dogs are part of British life; the charming animated film "Walkies in the Wind" by Toby Mattison; "Nobody's Perfect" (7 minutes) is a touching documentary about an Australian couple whose pack of dogs each his own disability but "carries on regardless;" "For the Love of Dog" (9 minutes) is Kylie Cushman's charming documentary that stylishly looks at the various ways owners describe their love for their dogs.

2 PM
DOGS IN THE OUTDOORS: Adventure & Sport (2 hours)
Featuring the subzero adventure documentary "Mystery of the Arctic Cairn," (53 minutes), a gloriously photographed film that follows a team of intrepid explorers and their 4 tempestuous Inuit sled dogs as they set out into the icy wilderness of the Canadian Arctic, following the footsteps of a legendary Norwegian expedition in 1898. This film will delight anyone wanting to know what extreme frozen exploration looks and feels like, with stunning photography of its all white wildlife inclduing a stand-off wih a Polar bear, an encounter with arctic wolves, and the majesty of musk oxen.
Preceded by an hour of short films from all over the world - from intense outdoor sports with dogs to goofy outings in the snow with them. "The Fable of the Wolf" (2 minutes) is Jordan Bloch's artfully animated story of wolf evolution; "Pull" (2 minutes) by Goh Irimoto, is a close up view of dog sledding; Lola on Ice (1 minute) Anita George's claymation; John Lee's adoarble Yorkshire Terrier in Super Girl costume in "Wonder Dog;" "Dog Power" (33 mintues) Kale Casey's look inside the many thrilling competitive sports in snow and other natural conditions that connect people and their dogs on sleds, skiis, wheelchairs and on foot; "My Trail Dog" (4 minutes) is Dean Leslie's lyrical look at a man who is a loner who runs the Alps for the joy of it, with his dogs, who are his closest companions; "One Man and His Dog" (3 minutes) is Dean Saffron's look at one Australian man's joyous skate boarding with his Samoyed; "Snowmaggedon" (3 minutes) is Rachel Sokolowski's very funny home video of how a Border Collie handles ice floes on a New England beach.

5 PM
WHO RESCUED WHOM? Love Makes The World Go Round - (2 hours)
Second chances for dogs and people in a series of films exploring companionship, forgiveness, patience and love in forming and the human-canine bond, from senior dogs getting a last chance at love to complicated canine-human relationships.
Thought-provoking and uplifting films including "Love Unleashed" (14 minutes) a happy-endings documentary by Kacey Klonsky about senior dog adoptions; "Pete the Dog") 9 minutes) by celebrated filmmaker Benita Raphan is her deeply affecting documentary about a puppy mill/pet store puppy she adopted from a shelter and the lasting harmful effects he suffered from his socially deprived beginnings; "Second Chances" (4 minutes) by Michael Raab about prisoners who train shelter dogs and hand them to their new adopters; "Steadfast Stanley," (4 minutes) John Kim's powerful animated film about canine loyalty; "Street Dogs" (5 minutes) Tim Askew's social documentary about the spay/neuter return attempts to improve life for street dogs around the world; "Dogs: Guilty of Jealousy" (9 minutes) is a psychological dog's-eye-view of whether dogs experience envy by Gabriella Russell; "Bad Dog: A Penitentiary Tale" (13 minutes) is by Sean McCoy's socially conscious and funny tale re-enacting a period of history that will defy your expectations; "Awesome Living with Andy (6 minutes) is Patricia Denys' lovely story of her dog Andy, who does just fine in his canine "wheelchair;" Jacob Frey's "The Present" (4 minutes), an animated story about a boy and his dog that will take you by surprise.

8 PM
THE CHAMPIONS - An Uplifting Tale of Redemption (2 hours)
"The Champions" (93 minutes) is Darcy Dennet's masterful documentary that chronicles the Michael Vick dog fighting case and follows the rehabilitation of the pit bulls who were involved, at Best Friends sanctuary in Utah. This story is one of hope and second chances as it shows the power of love and how with patience and mindfulness adversity can be overcome. The film follows the eager adoptive homes that eventually welcome these dogs into an entirely different life.
Preceded by 30 minutes of funny or touching short films about the ways dogs complete our lives. "DOG" (5 minutes) by Barry Stone's a funny voice-over view of life from a dog's POV; "#lakehollywood" (6 minutes) is Rachael Sondag's wry narrative film about a couple and where the dog fits in their relationship; "The Dogist" is E.J. McLeavey-Fisher's biographical sketch of NYC's renowned street dog photographer Elias; "Couleur" is Kristin Pileri's beautiful animated film about a Parisian dog who discovers how to bring color to the world.

Note: Some people worry that movies about dogs will make them cry. These movies will only make you cry for joy! All of the movies are intended to be uplifting, exciting and fun. No dogs are harmed or die in any of the films! Be assured that these films enlighten about the connection between dogs and their people! It's all about Happy Endings!


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