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New Safety Measures at Symphony Space

We are thrilled to be welcoming you back to in-person events at Symphony Space!

The health and safety of all are our top priorities. Symphony Space requires that all staff, artists, and patrons be vaccinated and that everyone (except performers on stage) wear masks while in the building.

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Selected Shorts




In these three stories, the fun is in not knowing.


The world has changed in unexpected and challenging ways. On this show, first broadcast a couple of years ago, guest host Jane Kaczmarek presented three stories that reminded us that life’s twists and turns can still be entertaining. First, a wife finds something unexpected in her local thrift shop in “Second Hand” by Andres Neuman. The story is performed by Kaczmarek. Our second story is Dawn Powell’s “Dinner on the Rocks,” an elegant comedy of bad manners in which a snobbish couple aims to humiliate their humbler guests. It’s performed by Christina Pickles. Our final story, “Fortune Cookie,” is an uncharacteristically lighthearted piece by Hubert Selby, Jr. best known for dark novels of urban life such as Last Exit to Brooklyn and Requiem for a Dream. The reader is Michael Imperioli.

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