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Journeys, Memories, and Miracles: Italian Stories



Guest host Hope Davis presents a program of Italian short fiction selected by the novelist and short-story writer Jhumpa Lahiri. The stories were drawn from The Penguin Book of Italian Short Stories, which Lahiri edited. They range from the comic to the fantastical. In Leonardo Sciascia’s “The Long Voyage,” hopeful peasants try to make it to a mysterious place called “Trenton.” The story is performed by John Turturro. A married couple hopes to restore pre-World War II elegance in “Invitation to Dinner” by Alba de Céspedes, performed by Dawn Akemi Saito. And there’s heat, sand, water, and magical realism on offer in Massimo Bontempelli’s “The Miraculous Beach, or, Prize for Modesty,” performed by Hugh Dancy.

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