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New Safety Measures at Symphony Space

We are thrilled to be welcoming you back to in-person events at Symphony Space!

The health and safety of all are our top priorities. Symphony Space requires that all staff, artists, and patrons be vaccinated and that everyone (except performers on stage) wear masks while in the building.

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Selected Shorts

Food Fights with Food52


Kyle Allen Ss Blog 952X597

Bread, pie and heartburn are on today's story menu.


If you’re trapped inside with a significant other, by now you’ve wrangled over everything from dish duty to the way in which he insists on putting hot sauce on everything but cereal. If you’re single, you’re probably diving for the last remaining frozen pizza in the grocery store, and giving the stink eye to careless teens who come within six feet of you in the freezer aisle. You’re not alone. These stories, curated with the online food and cooking community Food52 and introduced by Robert Sean Leonard, deal with just these sorts of culinary combat. In J. Robert Lennon’s “Breadman,” artisanal bread threatens a marriage. Kyle MacLachlan is the incredulous spouse. And Joan Allen performs an excerpt from Nora Ephron’s novel Heartburn, a slice of infidelity in which there are consequences—and pie.

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