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Tom Kenyon: The Thousand Petaled Lotus


In this one-day sound immersion we will explore the vast inner worlds of the Sahasrara (the Crown Lotus).

Traditionally this chakra has often been referred to as the Thousand Petaled Lotus due to its complex and intricate vortices that unfold, much like a lotus. These vortices are subtle energy channels that connect us to the transpersonal realms of consciousness (meaning those levels of our being that are beyond our personal identity and physical embodiment). These channels connect to worlds of consciousness that are beyond the confines of normally perceived time and space and can be a source of immense creativity, insight and renewal.

The Crown Lotus is often used as a focus of meditation by yogis and yoginis to enter a unique state of body and mind known as Samadhi, which is characterized by states of high bliss and ecstasy.

While you might indeed experience bliss and/or ecstasy during this Intensive, that is not why we will be undertaking this work. We will be entering into highly refined states of consciousness for the purpose of gleaning new insights and spiritual abilities from the higher realms of consciousness.

Tom will be facilitating this work through his, nearly four-octave range, voice in a series of sound meditations that will allow you to explore, for yourself, the fascinating and enigmatic worlds of your own transpersonal nature.

Come prepared for a life-changing experience.


Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

Expected Run Time is 300 minutes

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