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Virtual Uptown Showdown: Health Nuts Vs. Couch Potatoes

Uptown Showdown  Potato


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As the pandemic rages on, Uptown Showdown starts a fight between two very different sorts of survivors: those who add pounds to their barbells and those that add pounds to their bellies. While the nation deals with lockdowns, is it important to do burpees, graze on kale, and journal about your cat’s ineluctable soul? Or is it best to remain immobile and eat takeout in your sweatpants while binging Netflix’s new reality series Algorithm of Love? This debate provides the answer—and given that it streams directly into your living room, the Couch Potatoes have home-field advantage. This installment features Kevin Allison (RISK!), Leah Bonnema (The Late Show With Stephen Colbert), Guy Branum (Talk Show the Game Show), Chris Duffy (You're the Expert), Jo Firestone (Dr. Gameshow), and Jared Logan (VH1's Best Week Ever).

The popular comedy debate series invites two teams of funny folks from the worlds of stand-up and late-night television to tackle topics of great importance to pop culture, such as which pets are superior, cats or dogs, and is it better to be comfortable or fashionable? The verbal sparring and all-around absurdity only stops when the audience chooses the winner. Hosted by Matthew Love.

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