Asase Yaa Cultural Arts Foundation Presents
"An Ananse Tale" 10th Anniversary
Standard : $30-$50

Each ticket subject to a $5 service fee.

This season's production is a narrative musical " An Ananse Tale" taken from a folktale from Ghana, West Africa. Asase Yaa will present this folktale through music, dance, song, and narration. Ghanaians used these stories for generations as metaphors for real life events as a way of teaching their culture, morals, and traditions. This is an explosive performance, showing the richness of African culture. Asase Yaa African-American Dance Theatre will show the beauty of the connection to God through animals. The story is about Ananse the spider trying to receive all of Nyame's (the sky God) stories. Ananse stories show how the smallest creature can overcome adversity with preparation, determination, and focus. In this show Asase Yaa represents classical African cultures that had very dynamic and diverse traditions that will be presented and enjoyed on this stage during this performance.