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Ismael Cala: Despierta Con CALA
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Standard : $60-$145

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Strategist of life and human development, best-selling author and international lecturer, Ismael Cala is an ambassador of social entrepreneurship, mindfulness and well-being through his many conferences and seminars in Latin America, United States, Canada and Europe.

In addition to his university degrees, he has continued his preparation mentored by world icons in leadership, personal growth and integral well-being, such as Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and Don Miguel Ruiz, among others.

After his well-known work as a social communicator in front of the CNN En Español cameras, with his own interview program for more than 5 years and named by The New York Times as "the Latin Larry King", he has released several best sellers books, he is a regular contributor to Univision's "Despierta América", writes a weekly column for more than 50 publications in Latin America and the United States, and serves as Chief Creative Officer and President of Cala Enterprises. Simultaneously, he leads Ismael Cala Foundation, a non-profit organization that works for the integral development of Latino youth.

DESPIERTA CON CALA (Awakening with Cala)
Designed by Ismael Cala to help you achieve excellence, high personal and professional performance and the awakening of a higher consciousness.

An experience that moves your senses, transform your consciousness and uncovers your subconscious to take you to the next level of personal self-realization.

"I have always believed in the infinite potential within each human being. When we are adults, our personality creates our reality. That is the reason why I now present this world tour Despierta con Cala (Awakening with Cala), the solution to your unidentified limits, repetitive thinking patterns and the bondage of your ancient history, that history that we have to reformulate to use it from its power, and not from the victimization in which most human beings fall".

Your awakening begins here and now with an action plan to:
- Overcoming your limitations
- Reach your goals
- Improve the quality of your life

The show is in Spanish.

$145 tickets include a meet & greet and signed book by Ismael Cala.