Abanar Presents
Salt Water
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"Sometimes the sluicing rush is gorgeous. Sometimes
it seems inhuman pummel: nowhere to hold
and build and no continuing dwelling."
-Peter Campion, excerpt from "Salt Water"

Director/Choreographer Abe Abraham presents the premiere of "Salt Water", a dance film featuring over 20 dancers, including the world renowned Desmond Richardson. Hailed by the New York Times as "One of the most majestic dancers to ever tread the Metropolitan Opera Stage", Mr. Richardson is joined by an exquisite cast, including Megumi Eda, Gabrielle Lamb, Mark Caserta, Daniel White, Caitlin Abraham, Izabela Szylinska, and Jake Warren. With cinematography by Frankie DeMarco ("All is Lost", "Margin Call") and Frank Prinzi ("The Blacklist"). Visit www.abanar.org to learn more!

Conversation with author Tom Santopietro and Q&A to follow.

"We are connected to the poetry of the body and to the wonder of the thousands of stories that exist even in the smallest gesture."
(Christine Jowers on Wind and Tree)

"So many attempts have been made to merge dance and video - and I've never seen one as successful as this. The result is not a dance piece on video, nor a video about dance - but a level of integration of the two where neither can exist without the other."
(Jon 9 on Wind and Tree)