World Music Institute Presents
Dancing The Gods
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Standard : $35-$40
WMI Members (Call Box Office) : $30-$34
Children : $5

Each ticket subject to a $5 service fee.

7 PM Pre-Show Lec-Dem by Rajika Puri

Amrita Lahiri is widely recognized as one of the leading young performers of Kuchipudi today. Kuchipudi, an Indian classical dance form, has a lightness and dramatic quality that sets it apart from other styles. Amrita performs Kuchipudi from its traditional origins to its contemporary forms - she presents the beauty and joy of dance while maintaining the precision and soul of the Kuchipudi style, by combining the grace and light-footedness of Kuchipudi with a focus on depth of emotion and attention to aesthetics of movement, music, and content, for an altogether refined approach. Her dance performances and choreographies have been acclaimed for their elegance and dynamism.
Amrita will perform the US premiere of "Murchhana - The Spirit of Sangeet" which she created under the mentorship of Sharmila Biswas. She will be accompanied by live music.

"One of the foremost young dancers of Kuchipudi, Amrita was refreshingly different with her vivacious stage presence, unwavering stamina and refined aesthetic sense" - The Statesman