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Marc Peloquin premiers David Del Tredici
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Day of Show $25

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David Del Tredici has a champion in pianist Marc Peloquin who premieres a major new work for solo piano, Many Hands. Many Hands is a virtuoso exploration of the outer reaches of piano technique. The work includes every possibility of hand simultaneities; that is to say music for left hand alone, right hand alone (very rare!), as well as the conventional two hands together (however the composer does not ask Marc to play with his nose, a "trick" attributed to the young J.S. Bach). The program also includes Peloquin Del Tredici favorites: the pianistic terror S/M Ballade (commissioned by Peloquin) and the recent autobiographical work in four movements, Late in the Game.

Celebrating more than a decade of collaboration together the composer credits Peloquin with seducing him back to his first love, the piano. About Marc, Del Tredici has said "his personal radiance, superior technique and limitless curiosity did the trick. I am forever in his debt".

A New York Times critic recently declared that Marc Peloquin's "energetic approach yielded a performance that was refreshing and alive. Individual lines rang out with remarkable definition and clarity..." Time Out magazine has described him as "an innovative ivory tickler" and Gramophone magazine stated "pianist Marc Peloquin imbues these composer-supervised performances with idiomatic aplomb and a powerful yet flexible technique" for his recording of the first volume of Del Tredici's piano works on Naxos.