Athena Theatre Presents
A New Memory: an evening of ten-minute plays
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$20; Members $15;
Seniors, Students, Children $10

Each ticket subject to a $5 service fee.

Athena Theatre's playwriting group, Athena Writes, selected eight playwrights assembled for a one-year exploration of the theme: "A New Memory," and centered on Athena Theatre's commitment to supporting new work which pushes at the boundaries of live theatre.

This was a SOLD OUT event at Symphony Space last year! Get your tickets NOW!

What the press said about our event last year:
"The Athena Theatre Company has been crafting great theatre for more than a decade."

"The actors, all of whom took the well written works and brought them alive..." -

"Crisp, clean acting by a talented cast..." -

"The successful production which included award-winning and union actors, had a standing ovation for their amazing performance." -

Come see all eight ten-minute plays written by Athena Writes 2017!

Fun Run by Nora Sørena Casey
Josh calls the gang together to commemorate an old pal. New friends, ex-lovers, and a three-mile race-what could be more fun than that?

Stand by Adam Seidel
While selling ice cream in the park two brothers confront and come to terms with their painful past.

(Re)3 port/sist/claim by Meron Langsner
In a dystopian near future, a couple reckons with being forced to report to an "economic reeducation camp."

that parallel life by Kate Mulley
Remember that time you would have moved to Damascus for a guy who didn't love you?

The Incident At Sirius D by Julienne Hairston
An Alien Race came to save America, but what would they ask for in return.

The Best or Nothing by Bara Swain
Memories and gruyere are served at a celebration where sibling rivalry reigns

The Bluest Sky by Rachel Mann
An American backpacker arrives in Buenos Aires, seeking closure. What will she take home with her?

Camouflage by Brenda Foley
Sometimes all you want is to spend a quiet morning, fishing. Sometimes that doesn't happen.

Directed by Noa Egozi

Amanda Fuller
Allesondra Helwig
Patrick Horn
Dave T. Koenig
Marilyn Oran
Veronique Ory
Gustavo Pace
Shauna Pinkett
Jak Watson

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