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Ivri Lider Live in Concert
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After 8 years, Teev Events is thrilled to bring Ivri Lider back to the USA!
Ivri will be performing his greatest hits from his extensive repertoire in an intimate and raw version - just like they were first created - in his studio, on his guitar and piano.

Ivri Lider is one of the most successful rock artists in Israel today; a singer-songwriter whose lyrics speak to and about his generation. It comes as no surprise to those who follow the Israeli music scene that the combination of Ivri's songwriting and his unique voice has taken this bashful young man, and recent winner of the tile of "Male Singer of the Year," to the level of "superstar" on all the major national and local radio stations.
With nine albums on the market, including a DVD/CD and two Platinum and five Gold records, Ivri has enjoyed rave reviews from the media and the public, and his songs are constantly featured on the radio.
As a performer, Ivri plays to packed venues, ranging from rock concerts to amphitheaters and concert halls to clubs, where he performs dance versions of many of his biggest hits.

Ivri's talents do not end with his singing and songwriting - he is also a proficient musician and composer. He has written music to Ohad Naharrin's choreography for the Bat Sheva Ballet and for the Netherlands Dance Theatre in Amsterdam, as well as for two highly acclaimed films directed by Eitan Fox and produced by Gal Ochovsky - "Yossi and Jagger" and "Walk On Water".

Ivri received awards from the Israeli Film Academy for both these soundtracks, and each film produced a hit song which was successful in Israel and abroad.

By the end of the summer of 2006, Ivri was selected by Time Out Tel Aviv to be on their list of the "200 Coolest People" and was also mentioned as one of "The Most Beautiful People" on the Hip List of Israel's "People" magazine.
During 2007 Ivri participated in Sony Music's first GLBT compilation, which was released under their boutique label, "Music With A Twist". Ivri's song, "Jesse," was the only non-American artist chosen to appear on the CD. Later that year Ivri was named to OUT Magazine's list of the 100 most important gay icons in the world for 2007. Also on 2007, Ivri completed the musical production on Rita's forthcoming album, the album attained platinum status in Israel. During 2008 he released his fifth studio album "In simultaneous Rhythm, With Body Motions". Following the release Ivri closed his 400 concerts tour, in which he promoted his previous album, and started a new one to promote the current one. During 2009 Ivri promoted and toured with his 5th album, and was announced by Timeout Tel Aviv as one of 10 people who have the most significant impact on the Israeli music industry.

In 2010, Ivri participated in the international collection project by BuffetLibre label, with the song "Mike". All of the incomes were dedicated to world organization Amnesty.During that year, Ivri has cooperated with the appreciated musician and producer Assaf Amdursky. The two have produced a unique show, and launched it at Tel Aviv port.

In the beginning of 2011, Ivri has completed his work on the soundtrack of "Aluminium" - a dance performance that has gone nationwide. A Few months later, on July 2011, Ivri has launched his new art-music project "The Young Professionals". The first singel "D.I.S.C.O" has been released in Isarel and in France at the same time, under the successful Dance collection album of Warner Music.
On September 2011, Ivri has released "20 Seconds", the new singel by "The Young Professionals".

Nowadays Ivri is concentrated in the making of his new album in Hebrew.