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marInspired; the storytellers (est. 2009) is a NY born contemporary dance company that moved west to LA in 2013. A group of artists dedicated to the art of storytelling through the medium of dance, we tackle human experience bringing dance to a tangible level allowing audiences of all kinds to grasp and fully experience the world the artists create on stage. Neither commercial nor concert, marInspired desires to break barriers.

In 2012, marinspired; the storytellers premiered their first full length show "breakable" to a sold out run at the Salvatore Capezio Theatre in NY. In the summer of 2012, artistic director, Marinda Davis was nominated for a Capezio ACE Award. In 2015, she was nominated again and placed 2nd runner up winning funds to go towards producing a full length show in Los Angeles. In April of 2016, after seeing over 300 dancers in their NY and LA auditions, they began rehearsals with a cast of 17 remarkable artists. In August of 2016, they premiered their 2nd full length show, "UNbreakable" at Dancerpalooza in Long Beach and at the El Portal in North Hollywood.
"UNbreakable", loosely based on the Kübler-Ross model of the five stages of grief, examines a tight knit group of New Yorkers navigating their way through the sometimes harsh realities of life. In loss, regardless of gender or orientation, we can free fall, or, we can attempt to hold on to each other, recognizing our triumphs and traumas as universally shared experiences. "UNbreakable" tells a story of our endurance through the emotional and physical fight, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit, that link us in a struggling, UNbreakable bind.

The success of "UNbreakable" in LA, but more importantly the impact of it has deeply inspired us to continue bringing this special production to audiences outside of Los Angeles. Touching on issues of illness, coping with a diagnosis, drug abuse, equality, mentorship, and gay rights, our diverse cast dives into bringing major social issues into the light. With NY being the birthplace to our company and SO many requests to bring our show to the East Coast, we can think of no better city in the world to share our show with!