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Alon Ulman - Breaking the boundaries
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2017 is going to be your year! Breaking the boundaries with Israel's mentor - Alon Ulman

A lecture that will sweep you off your feet, stimulate you, provide you with the inspiration, energy and motivation to act, despite your fears and inhibitions, and - once and for all - break through the familiar limitations of what is possible for you!

Don't forget to bring a notebook and pens! 150,000 people have already experienced this and are living their lives more intensely. What about you?

About Alon Ulman
Israel's No. 1 Expert in breaking through boundaries and achieving practical success
As founder and owner of the "Winner's Code" Group, over the past 8 years - within the scope of his workshops and lectures - Alon has helped over 150,000 people, 200 organizations and 250 businesses achieve their goals and their success with strength and speed that they had been previously unfamiliar with.

Alon's life story - which is quite extraordinary - reflects the strength of the human spirit and the ability to break through physical and mental limitations.
Ulman, a Lieutenant Colonel in the IDF (Ret.), had 23 years' experience in command, training and leadership development in the Navy. He served as Head Instructor in the prestigious naval officers' course, commanded missile boats and has taught courses to senior members of Command & Staff.
Alon is a charismatic and fascinating lecturer who sweeps his audience off their feet and reveals to them ways by which they can break through the personal and organizational boundaries as a way of life; he provides them with applicable tools so that they can perform "the impossible". Alon presents to his viewers a perception that enables them to see themselves as they never really had before, and makes them take responsibility for the consequences in all areas of their life.
Raanan Shaked, 7 days "Yediot Ahronot"

"Alon Ulman must be the most impressive and charismatic person that I have encountered in recent years. His ability to excite and magnetize audiences has been proven. His authenticity and immediacy touches you . . . his ‘Winner's Code' has grown beneath us at tremendous speed . . . demand exceeds supply" - Vered Ramon Rivlin - Editor in Chief, "Lady Globes"

"Alon will teach you how to train your awareness so that you will become masters of the central project of your life - your life!"

This event will be in Hebrew.