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Bar Thalia becomes a caipirinha lounge featuring samba band, Turma do Samba. Typical of what you'd find throughout the bars and clubs throughout Rio, this six-piece is playful and casual, yet produces rousing rhythms that whip the crowd into a frenzy.


Turma do Samba is a New York-based Brazilian samba/pagode band which plays a mixture of classic sambas from Rio de Janeiro and different styles of pagode, from Bahia to Sao Paulo. Turma do Samba is the perfect combo for a super fun samba night, bringing the best of Brazil to New York City!

Turma do Samba is a musical genre derived from a type of dance with African roots that was born in Brazil and is considered to be one of the main popular Brazilian cultural phenomenons. Over the years, more subgenres have emerged within urban samba in Rio de Janeiro, including samba de breque, samba-canção, bossa nova, samba-rock, pagoda, and others.

The Turma do Samba emerged from the encounter between musicians who sought the need for greater affirmation of Brazilian Culture in New York through samba. In 2009, friends Ronaldo Andrade "China" (cavaquinho and voice), César Vieira (tan-tan and voice), Fabrício Almeida (percussion and pandeiro), and Tiago Silva (percussion and tan-tan) formed the group to provide audiences with authentic, original, and traditional samba. The group has performed at major New York City venues such as SOBS, BB King Blues Club, and others, as well as toured nationally.