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MEC! Philippe Torreton & Edward Perraud on stage
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MEC! Philippe Torreton & Edward Perraud on stage North American Premiere tour

MEC! is an energetic and mesmerizing live performance by award-winning French stage and screen actor Philippe Torreton* and free jazz percussionist Edward Perraud**.

This must-see, must-hear interpretation of Allain Leprest's lyrics is simply stunning. Torreton verbally ignites, rather than recites, Leprest's polysemic texts while Perraud's original sounds create a voice-percussion partnership like no other. Throughout this duet recital, Torreton embodies the burning language of the late genius lyricist Allain Leprest, in keeping with the styles of Ferrat, Brel, Brassens or Ferré. Twenty-one original Leprest songs delve into childhood, love and life's journeys with striking, tempestuous and finely chiseled words all rooted in a poetically poignant, realist atmosphere.

Jean d'Ormesson (author and member of the Académie Française) refers to Allain Leprest, as "the 20th century Rimbaud" and Frédéric Mitterrand (former French Minister of Culture), recognizes him as "someone who is the best representative of those select few artists belonging to the rich French musical tradition in which lyrics are pondered in depth".

Performance is in French with English surtitles and a question & answer session with Philippe Torreton and Edward Perraud immediately following.

* Philippe Torreton, nominated five times for Les Césars (French Oscars) Best Actor award, received in 1997 a César for his role in the feature film Captain Conan by Bertrand Tavernier. Nominated three times for the Molière Awards in Theater, he received in 2014 the Molière Best Actor award for his performance of Cyrano de Bergerac.

** Edward Perraud, as a percussionist, was distinguished with the Best Jazz Album award - 2014 (Victoires de la Musique) and with Germany's Preiss der deutsche Kritik Best Jazz Album award - 2011 for Das Kapital's Ballads & Barricades.