Kenyon and Associates Presents
Tom Kenyon - The Inner Streams: Worlds of Healing
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Each ticket subject to a $5 service fee.

In this profound journey into the healing power of sound, we will explore various flows of restorative nectars that originate within your body's energy field as well as within its multi-dimensional reality (meaning those aspects of you that are transpersonal, transcultural and unbounded by the situations and circumstances of your life).

The import of your multi-dimensional nature is that you can draw into your body and mind transformational and healing energies that are luminous in their nature. This type of luminous healing imparts vast benefits to your body/mind complex. By the term "healing" we are referring specifically to your body/mind's ability to generate a self-healing response by increasing feelings of wellness and inner-connectedness.

While the ultimate nature of the Inner Streams is light, the agency through which we will make contact will be through the use of catalytic sound. As a result, Tom will use his nearly four-octave range voice to guide us into these extraordinary and light-filled worlds of personal transformation and healing.

Tom has specifically chosen to share this event due to the emotionally and energetically challenging times many of us are experiencing in our day-to-day lives.

Participants can expect to leave this event with a deeper sense of well-being and self-renewal as well as the knowledge of how to access the power of their own Inner Streams as a tool for self-empowerment.

Internationally acclaimed sound healer Tom Kenyon uses his nearly four-octave range voice, in tandem with other acoustic instruments, to create profoundly altered states of consciousness that accesses the brain/mind's unused potentials for heightened creativity and spiritual insight. There is nothing like being physically present in the room when Tom channels catalytic sound from the other realms of consciousness. It is, quite frankly, a life changing experience.

The Inner Streams

Awaken from your deep slumber
And drink in the luminous nectars
That flow freely within you.

Swim deeply into the mystery of the Inner Streams;
May you be blessed to find your way to their origins,
To the unfathomable and enigmatic realms of pure light and healing sound,
And to the mysterious realm of being where you are showered by blessings beyond your imagining.

from Hidden Paths to the Axis Mundi
Collected Poems, Stories and Songs by Tom Kenyon