Elynn Diamond Presents
LUIGI... A Benefit-Tribute Concert
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"To dance, put your hand on your heart and listen to the sound of your soul"
- Eugene Louis "LUIGI" Faccuito

"I was 16 when I first stood at the doorway of Luigi's Jazz Center on 8th Ave. in Manhattan. The room was filled with magic, rooted from this one Soul. Always I was watching... breathing in to his every move, be it when he was dancing, walking, standing still, sitting... ahhhh, then his voice; his speaking voice, his words filled with powerful inspiration and love. His laugh, his humor, his intense passion for dance, for the creative process of moving from the inside out, which he did effortlessly; dance from the inside out.

To enter his studio was entering a world of creative freedom for your body. It was the full body, heart and soul connection with each breath. The stories are endless. The journey of studying with him was a gift from God for my soul.

Every day, three classes a day, year after year, Luigi gave of himself endlessly to everyone who entered his space and to everyone who studied with him in his 'around the world workshops and classes'. Everyone who entered his studio was instantly changed for the rest of their life because of his devoted spirit to dance that filled the eight corners of the space.

Luigi taught everyone with compassion, kindness, conviction, patience, support, encouragement, steadfast illumination and unconditional love. Luigi's style will live on forever around the world. He will always be the one and only... for the authentic core of Jazz Dance Technique is Luigi."
- from The Journey Of A Soul by Elynn Diamond

Eugene Louis "Luigi" Faccuito was an American Jazz dancer, choreographer and teacher, and innovator who is best known for creating a Jazz exercise technique. The Luigi Warm Up Technique is an influential training program that promotes body alignment, balance, core strength, and 'feeling from the inside'. It is also used for rehabilitation. This method became the world's first standard technique for teaching jazz and for teaching musical theatre dance. Luigi developed the technique, which consists of a series of ballet-based exercises, for his own rehabilitation after suffering paralyzing injuries in a car accident at the age of twenty-one. Determined to dance again, he first learned to regain control of his body by what he used as a cornerstone of his technique -namely, "to lengthen and stretch the body without strain" and "put the good side into the bad side''. He then focused on a way to stabilize himself, as if he were pressing down on an invisible (dance) barre. His efforts paid off because he went on to have a successful dance career, and became a world-renowned jazz teacher.

The Concert:

With the heart and soul of our Brilliant Director and Choreographer, Mr. Tome' Cousin,
LUIGI... A Benefit-Tribute Concert will come to life. Mr. Cousin is an award-winning internationally recognized director, choreographer, filmmaker, songwriter, educator, and published author. He is one of the very few entrusted and appointed by Luigi, himself, to advance the technique and style in to the 21st Century.

This will be an evening Honoring and Celebrating the Life and Creative Wonder of Luigi!
The concert, starring Tony Award Winner & Four Time Grammy Nominee,
Ms. Melba Moore, recently inducted into The Official Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame, is filled with explosive talent from all channels of the arts!

There will be over 40 Broadway performing artists; singers, dancers, musicians and actors
all coming together to give tribute to Luigi; guest speakers from all over the world sharing their own experiences of learning from and having danced with him.

LUIGI... A Benefit-Tribute Concert's Musical Director is the extraordinary Mr. Daryl Kojak. Mr. Kojak is an award winning musical director, pianist, arranger, producer, composer and song-writer who has worked on the New York music scene for more than 30 years. His ongoing creative journey entails scoring for tv, film, stage and recordings as well.

There will be live music accompanying the performers. Some of the most incredible musicians in the industry will be playing with Mr. Kojak on the stage throughout the entire event: Jack Bashkow, Dwayne "Cook" Broadnax, Sean Harkness and Ritt Henn.

We will have a Hostess and a Host for the evening, Bonnie Diaz and John Sefakis. The event will be filled with Theatre, Film, TV and Recording Artists performing and sharing testimonies.

Production Team for LUIGI...A Benefit-Tribute Concert:

Lighting Designer: Michael Megliola, www.michaelmegliola.com
Stage Manager: Howard Kolins
Executive Producer: Elynn Diamond, www.elynndiamond.com
Associate Producer: Rick Traum, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0871199/bio
Production Assistant: Annette Coppola


My Soul Mission is to raise money to help with keeping the Scholarship Programs activated here in Manhattan and to help with allowing the workshops to continue worldwide. Luigi's style and technique is a powerful healing channel for the human body, for professional dancers and non professional dancers both.

100% of all net proceeds raised from LUIGI...A Benefit-Tribute Concert will be given to
Luigi's Jazz Centre in Manhattan to continue scholarships and provide classes and workshops, nationwide and worldwide, for teaching Luigi's Jazz Technique and Style.
-Elynn Diamond, Executive Producer