Tom Kenyon Presents
In the Company of Angels
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Each ticket subject to a $5 service fee.

This will be a deep immersion into the ‘spirit songs" and vibratory energies of the Angelic realms. Using his nearly four-octave range voice, Tom will channel songs of the "angelics" drawing from the world's myriad understandings and ways for making contact with angels and other benevolent energy-beings. We will draw the healing and transformational energies emanated by these "celestial ones" into our bodies and minds for the purpose of profound personal transformation. This event promises to be a "watershed experience" due to the potency and high vibratory quality of the Angelic realms.

Tom Kenyon is a psychotherapist, a brain scientist, a composer, recording artist, and a teacher of each of the major systems of internal alchemy. He teaches the innermost practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Egyptian High Alchemy, Taoism, Hinduism and mystical esoteric Christianity, in-depth, without dogma. He has an almost four-octave voice. He grounds everything he teaches in lay-person friendly science, self-effacing, and he's funny! Although there are many recordings available, nothing can capture the "sound field" of being in the room, live, with his voice. It is life changing.

For further information: www.tomkenyon.com or email office@tomkenyon.com