Tom Kenyon: Trees of Life
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Trees of Life
The mythic roots of our existence

Drawing from three ancient myths, we will explore the interface between our human consciousness and that of our biological and spiritual roots. This type of journey imparts psychological and spiritual benefits due to the fact that we will be encountering these mythic realities through altered states of consciousness.

Our encounters with these trees of power will not be just an intellectual exercise, but we will be filled by the living presence of these trees and by the places where they are rooted in the mythic realm.

We will be greatly aided in this journey by Tom's nearly four-octave range voice and his three decades of research into the effects of sound and music on brain processing as well as his work in comparative systems of spiritual transformation. Thus, sound will be our great ally as we enter into the depths of these mythic realms.

This will be a dynamic experience whereby we actually enter into the vibrant energies that surround these mythic symbols. By experimentally entering into the mythic reality where these trees "live," we will partake of their life-enhancing gifts-the powers of renewal and deep insight.

The three trees of power that we will contact during this journey are The Gnostic Tree of Knowledge, The Shamanic World Tree and finally The Bodhi Tree of Buddhism.

The Gnostic Tree of Knowledge
Through The Gnostic Tree of Knowledge we will enter into a fascinating retelling of the Garden of Eden mythology through the lens of the Gnostics, who viewed both Eve and the serpent as agents of good in stark contrast to the dominant mythology of Christianity that views both of these figures as evil. It is through this version of the Gnostic Tree of Knowledge that we can directly experience the regenerative powers of our own Kundalini Shakti (the serpent within).

The Shamanic World Tree
As we enter into the shamanic realm of The World Tree, we will embark on a profound shamanic journey into the underworld, also known as the Lower World and then into the Upper or Celestial Worlds-the place of the gods and goddesses as well as elevated beings. We will draw upon the powers of these two worlds and then bring these powers of insight and renewal back to the Middle World-the earthly realm where we live our lives.

We will be aided in our exploration of the Shamanic realm through the Song Path of Tah'zukan (a spirit singer from the Upper Worlds). Tom encountered this shaman in the Celestial Realms many years ago and has been working with him since that time. Tah'zukan sings energetic worlds into existence that assist the listener to transform inner obstructions and negativities. He is especially adept at imparting blessings from the spirit worlds.

The Bodhi Tree
We will integrate our journey through the mythic realms with The Bodhi Tree, a dual reality, meaning the physical realm where the Bodhi Tree lives in this world and the deeply symbolic world of the Sambhogakaya-the realm of pure light and sound where the Bodhi Tree also resides. This mythic tree of power imparts enlightening energies for those who choose to spiritually wake up from the samsaric delusion of duality that dominates existence in this earthly world.

This event promises to be a profound and life-changing experience.

Note: In order to facilitate a deeper psycho-spiritual process, there will be no meal breaks during this workshop. There will be several short breaks in the course of this 5-hour event.