2013 Stony Brook Premieres!
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Stony Brook University's music department demonstrates its unwavering commitment to supporting living composers and adventurous performers with its 26th annual Stony Brook Premieres concert. A preview of the Stony Brook Premieres! concert takes place on Wednesday, November 6, 8 p.m. at SBU's Staller Center in Stony Brook, NY. The Contemporary Chamber Players, comprised of members of the university's graduate music department, perform.
Included on the concert are seven world premiere compositions, representing a wide variety of musical styles, written by emerging and distinctive composers from around the world. The program includes:

Sebastian Armoza's "Skittery, Crittery"
Juan Cruz-Guavara's "The Chrystal and the Butterflies"
Tsoukas Dimitris' "Quintetto di Fiati"
Anne H. Goldberg's "Legno Metallico"
Alex Huddleston's "30 Measures"
Martin Loridan's "Brumes, Espaces, Temps..."
Joshua Marquez' "Fingerprint Skin Graft"

Directed by distinguished performers and educators Gilbert Kalish and Eduardo Leandro, Stony Brook's Contemporary Chamber Players has been called "a small army of musicians who demonstrate consistent accomplishment" by the New York Times. The group has commissioned over 90 scores by composers in various stages of their careers, including those by Pulitzer Prize and MacArthur Fellowship recipients. Composers selected for commissioning represent a wide range of styles, geographical locations, and ages, from talented young composers to established masters.

The ensemble aims to provide copious rehearsal time and outstanding first performances of challenging works in collaboration with the commissioned composers. Since 1988, the premieres concerts have drawn the attention and interest of composers and audiences. The Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players's unique commissioning and performance project has been recognized by composers nationally as an outstanding contribution to contemporary music, one which is virtually unmatched by other professional or student ensembles in the nation.