The Leviathan: A Sound Journey with Tom Kenyon
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The Leviathan: (noun,  3. something large or formidable)  Merriam Webster Dictionary

This one-day workshop is an intensive immersion into the transformational and healing potentials of sound.

In the course of this Intensive, Tom will take us on a series of sound journeys into the mysteries of our numinous and transcendent natures.  Using his nearly four-octave range voice he will sing "songs" that have their origins in various mystical and shamanic traditions from around the world. These catalytic sound patterns and mantras are much like acoustic doorways through which we can enter the extraordinary inner worlds of our being. 

Hemmed in by time, place and circumstance, we are often hypnotized by the Maya (the illusions) of the world.  The concept of Maya is that the "self" we experience via our five senses, as well as through thoughts and feelings, is only one aspect of our being. It is not that we and the world are an illusion, but rather that the world and our self-identity are transient and small pieces of a far vaster reality.  Due to the hypnotic nature of Maya and our five senses, we can easily be duped into thinking that the physical world is the only reality.

There are, however, other features of our being that are transcendent to the sensory world. These numinous and transcendent realms of our being are a place of refuge where we can renew ourselves, be re-inspired to live our lives in new ways and receive both healing and transformation.

The central idea behind the Leviathan is that we are more immense than we perceive ourselves to be.

Each sound journey will take us into the Leviathan-like nature of our being. Rich inner worlds await us and making contact with these realms of being can be a deeply rewarding encounter that transforms lives.

As part of this experience, Tom will discuss some of the brain science behind sound-based transformation in a layperson friendly manner. This intersection of science and mystical experience is a rich territory that enhances our understanding of human potential and deflates spiritual dogma, which Tom believes to be a stumbling block to authentic insight.

Tom is known for his humorous teaching style that makes complex, and at times contradictory, spiritual traditions approachable. He is also known for his way of discussing science that makes it both fun and understandable. Tom believes in the power of synthesis and the integration of both our logical and intuitive abilities.

Come prepared for a life-changing experience, triggers to enlightenment and potential healing.