"Wind and Tree" directed by Abe Abraham

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In Wind and Tree, inspired by the poem by Paul Muldoon, Abe Abraham's camera pans and swings around a collage of interlocked bare flesh, picking up gleaming textures and small, poignant details like the star-like glint in a single, revealed eye. The body parts - we often see heads protected by arms tightly folded over them--resemble gnarled stumps of fallen trees. The excellent soundscape introduces a sense of time--the wind, vast and devastating, now a faint cry, having already passed in its rush towards other land; snapped-off limbs pounding the earth. (Eva Yaa Asanteewa)

Following the screening, the director will present The Body in Space: A Filmmaker's Perspective. By viewing brief scenes from Robert Bresson's Pickpocket (1959), Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull (1980), and Bela Tarr's The Man from London (2007), Mr. Abraham will demonstrate how these filmmakers have challenged conceptions of the body in space, time, and sound in different ways -- thus redefining the way in which we, the audience, perceive and experience cinema. With that in mind, we may consider in greater depth how dance can find fresh insights from film history to inspire new ways of both creating and presenting movement.

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