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$14; Member, Student, Senior $11; Children $9; Day of Show $15

Each ticket subject to a $5 service fee.
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Alex and the Ghosts

Alex and the Ghosts is a short animated film about a seven year old boy who dreams of going to a hockey game with his father to see his favorite team play, the Montreal Canadiens. His grandfather was an usher at the Old Forum and used to tell Alex all kinds of exciting and magical stories about the old legends of hockey, and how they became the ghosts of the Canadiens. Now that his grandfather has passed away, Alex wants so much to get closer to his father by initiating him to the enchanted world he shared with his grandfather: the magic of the ghosts of the old legends. His father is also a great hockey fan, but his work as a taxi driver and his fatherly responsibilities keep him from fully engaging in his son's games and imagination. Alex and the Ghosts is a story of childhood magic and wonderment around a legendary hockey team, uniting the past and present, reaching out to the youthful hearts of sport fans of all ages. Directed by: Éric Warin

Gear School Plug & Play

After 'borrowing' a Gear (spaceship), three Gear students are summoned to the director's office, where they will offer a rather unconvincing excuse. Directed by: Luis Calvo Llacer

Philadelphia Chickens

An overenthusiastic animated music video of the title song from Philadelphia Chickens, the Grammy-nominated Gold record album written and produced by cartoonist Sandra Boynton and composer Michael Ford. Two pigs from Connecticut travel down Interstate 95 to go watch the renowned chickens swing-dancing in a park near the Schuylkill River. Wild and wooly. Or, rather: feathery. The original singers of the track, Kevin and Michael Bacon, make spiffy cameo appearances, including some fine glimpses of Kevin Bacon dancing beside some serious chickens. (Sandra Boynton's first-ever animation.) (The Bacon Brothers are portrayed as pigs, seeing as they are the Bacon Brothers.) Directed by: Sandra Boynton

One Shoe Blues

The great B.B. King stars in this wry and elegant music video, along with some enthusiastic intrusions by uninvited sock puppets. Shot on 35mm film, this is cartoonist Sandra Boynton's first venture into film-directing. The song 'One Shoe Blues' was written by Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford, for the album 'BLUE MOO: 17 Jukebox Hits from Way Back Never.' For all ages, except 43. Directed by: Sandra Boynton

Be Like a Duck

This stylish and perplexing musical short film was shot and edited in six desperate days as the postultimate film of 12films12weeks.com. It was directed and designed by humorist Sandra Boynton (it's her third short film) and edited and mixed by Boynton with Michael Ford. The track was originally written and produced by Boynton and Ford for the Grammy-nominated album/songbook Philadelphia Chickens (certified Gold by the RIAA.) The film stars Keith Boynton, the original performer of the 'Be Like a Duck' song. Keith is in no way related to director Sandra Boynton, except that he's her son. Wunderkind DP Derek Van Gorder shot the film using the Canon 5D Mark II digital camera, along with the Indie-Dolly System. No actual ducks took part. Directed by: Sandra Boynton

Penguin Lament

Five For Fighting's charismatic front-man John Ondrasik stars in this moody and gorgeous music video, set in a stylized Antarctica of snow and shadows and What? a lifeguard chair? A delicate and wistful song, beautifully sung, and an understated humorous quiddity, make up this short film. (Plus there are nifty small animated Boynton penguins at the end.) Shot on the RED camera, this is cartoonist Sandra Boynton's second venture into film-directing. The song 'Penguin Lament' was written by Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford, for the album 'Dog Train: a Wild Ride on the Rock-and-Roll Side.' For all ages, except 37. Directed by: Sandra Boynton


On their annual holiday get together, four friends trudge through the snow in search of the perfect Christmas tree. What they discover in the woods are lessons to last a lifetime. Featuring Daniel Stern as the Narrator, this award-winning short film script, uses the backdrop of Crystal Spring Tree Farm in Lehighton, Pennsylvania to convey a timeless message of friendship. Directed by: Chris Messineo

War of Our Children

As a once-blissful park comes under increasing totalitarian control by the leader of the fifth graders, Nolan (Nathan Fugleberg), Timmy (Victor Troconis), leader of the third graders, cannot stand for it any longer, and with the help of his love, Emily (Dulaney Sundin), must organize and rally his army to defeat Nolan and his band of cohorts, and free the park once and for all! Directed by: Clint Mouriño