Love Lies in Lust The Stage Play
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NYC's Power 105.1 FM's Malikha Mallette, ABC's Desperate Housewives Nashawn Kearse, HBO's The Wire Jultio McCullum and adult film entertainer Aryana Starr star in this stage play about two friends chasing their dream, a couple whose marriage was built on a foundation of lies and lust, a young girl willing to do what ever it takes to get to the top, and what happens when all of their worlds collide.

Can two friends who've been through it all, and have almost arrived, survive; betrayal, lies, and a forbidden love?

Can a couple whose foundation is even weaker than their marriage find love, after lies and lust?

And will a young girl with dangerous ambition and nothing to lose, but her soul, unleash a secret so vile, that it has the potential to destroy them all?

Love Lies in Lust is a tale of five souls caught up in the rapture. And one of them will pay the ultimate price and lose it all... before it's all over.