Global Arts: Cultural Literacy & Heritage

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Regions: Latin America
Formats: School Assembly, Cultural Field Trip, After School Program, Community Event, Workshop
Genres: Dance, Storytelling, Music
Levels: Grades 3 to 5, Grades 6 to 8, Grades 9 to 12

Teaching artists offer insight into the regional cultures of Mexico, the significance and symbolism of traditional costuming, the choreography, the dances’ narratives, and the relationship of the movement to the music.  Students study traditional dances and then collaboratively structure movement to the music.


Ballet Fiesta Mexicana (Yloy Ybarra)

Ballet Fiesta Mexicana (Yloy Ybarra)

Ballet Fiesta Mexicana is led by director, educator and performer Yloy Ybarra, whose credits transcend international borders. With an extensive background in ballet and modern dance, Yloy has performed throughout the United States and in Spain. His flamenco performing credits include Maria Benitez, José Greco, Carlota Santana-Flamenco Vivo, Maria Loretta-Sol y Sombra, Flamenco Latino, Romon de los Reyes, and La Repompa de Malaga.