18th Annual Animation Show of Shows
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Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Symphony Space
Sat, May 27, 2017 3:00pm
Expected Run Time is 102 minutes
Members $12
Seniors $10
Part of Thalia Film / Film

The 18th Annual Animation Show of Shows

The ANIMATION SHOW OF SHOW returns to theaters with 13 charming family-friendly films. The show also features 4 provocative shorts, after intermission, which are rated PG 13. This allows parents of young children to leave at a suitable time, yet still enjoy the show. . Highlights include Disney/Pixar’s ACADEMY AWARD® WINNING “PIPER ,” the latest in 360º storytelling in Google’s touching father-and daughter-journey the Oscar® nominated “PEARL” by Academy Award® winner Patrick Osborne and “ABOUT A MOTHER,” a new folktale with echoes of Shel Silverstein’s “THE GIVING TREE.”

Featuring techniques ranging from hand-drawn to stop-motion to the latest computer-generated imagery, the 17 extraordinary films in this program were created by animators from all over the world. Their themes range from gay issues and civil rights, to deeply felt personal stories, to the wacky humor that animation does so well. Many have garnered awards from prestigious festivals around the world.


Stems - Ainslie Hendersen (Scotland)
Stop-motion animated short.

Shift - Cecilia Puglesi & Yijun Liu (U.S.)
Once upon a time, in a fantastical village on the edge of a forest, a proper Victorian lady encounters a wild, free-spirited doppelgänger, in this beautifully designed 3D fable.

Pearl - Patrick Osborne (U.S.)
From childhood to adulthood, "Pearl" evocatively shows the transcendent power of love and music - and that ultimately there really is "no wrong way home."

Crin-crin - Iris Alexandre (Belgium)
A nefarious rabbit and raccoon make off with the tail of a self-regarding horse-while the fiddler in the film uses an appropriated horsehair ("crin" in French) for her own purposes.

Mirror - Chris Ware, John Kuramoto, Ira Glass (U.S.)
"Mirror" explores how a parent's uncensored casual comment might or might not harm her adolescent daughter.

Last summer in the garden - bekky O'Neil (Canada)
Recounts one woman's journey through a joyful, fearful time of death and rebirth.

Waiting for the New Year - Vladimir Leschiov (Latvia)
Deeply affecting meditation on time, change and the human condition looks at the world through the eyes of a middle-aged woman whose solitary tasks - shoveling snow, raking leaves - reflect the changing seasons.

Piper - Alan Barillaro (U.S.)
A mother bird tries to teach her little one how to find food by herself. 

Bøygen - Kristian Pedersen (Norway)
This abstract interpretation of the battle between Peer Gynt and the Boyg (a serpent-like troll) in Norse mythology immerses the viewer in an alien world that is at once both foreign and familiar.

Afternoon class - Seoro Oh (Korea) (3:50)
Have you ever had the experience of being in a classroom struggling to stay awake, and trying mightily to avoid having your head collapse onto your desk? No? Well, it looks a little like this.

About a mother - Dina Velikovskaya (Russia)
In this touching African-themed fable, an ever-resourceful mother attends to her children's needs, even after they are grown and on their own.

Exploozy - Joshua Gunn, Trevor Piecham, & John McGowan (U.S.)
This very funny "explainer video" for the next big thing in animation hits all the key points that give animators nightmares.

Inner workings - Leo Matsuda (U.S.)
This lighthearted cautionary tale, set in the wilds of a beach side community, offers a timely reminder that life might be meant for more than just deadening routine and missed opportunities.


Corpus - Marc Héricher (France)
Combining Rube Goldberg, human anatomy and a healthy sense of the macabre, this highly accomplished short presents a series of tableaux that constitute a single, convoluted chain reaction.

Blue - Daniela Sherer (Israel)
In this impressionistic, semi-abstract film, the filmmaker explores the pain and pleasure of love, weaving together suggestive, yet mysterious, images.

Manoman - Simon Cartwright (England)
Not for the faint of heart, this darkly comic film uses highly expressive rod puppets to graphically explore the excesses of unrestrained masculinity.

All Their Shades - Chloé Alliez (Belgium)
The mysterious ways of women, and all of the many characteristics that make them so lovable, are catalogued at length in this heartfelt and gently satirical paean to the wonders of the female gender.

About The Animation Show of Shows:

For 16 years, The Animation Show of Shows, founded and curated by Ron Diamond, has been presenting new and innovative short films to animation studios, societies, schools and festivals around the world. Over the years, 32 of the films showcased in the Show of Shows went on to receive Academy Award® nominations, with nine films winning the Oscar®. The only downside was that only a relatively small number of people, primarily in the professional animation community, had the opportunity to see these cinematic gems in a theatrical setting.

Then, in 2015, the 17th edition was expanded to include public screenings in cities around the world, allowing general audiences to experience these singular works of art on the big screen, as they were meant to be seen. This first public program was the biggest in the show’s history, including 435 screenings in 50 cities in the U.S., Canada, Spain, South Africa, and Australia. Also for the first time, the films were paired with revealing documentary portraits of a number of the directors that illuminated the motivation, process and experiences that led them to make their films.