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Leonard Nimoy Thalia at Symphony Space
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 10:30am
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 1:30pm
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 4:00pm
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 6:30pm
Fri, Oct 7, 2016 9:00pm
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 4:00pm
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 7:00pm
Sat, Oct 8, 2016 9:00pm
Sun, Oct 9, 2016 10:15am
Sun, Oct 9, 2016 12:45pm
Sun, Oct 9, 2016 2:45pm
Sun, Oct 9, 2016 5:15pm
Sun, Oct 9, 2016 7:30pm
Expected Run Time is 120 minutes
Day of Show $15;
Award Show $23;
All Access Pass $149


The Ocktober Film Festival (OFF) is a New York film festival that serves as a platform for artist to express themselves through film and new media. We are heavily involved with the independent filmmaking community and therefore, this festival has become a trusted resource for emerging and established filmmakers.

Friday, October 7th 


Who Are You? (Documentary)

"Who Are You?" is an all encompassing heritage documentary detailing the many elements, both natural and man-made, that make the tiny island of Saint Lucia so unique, yet representative of many countries seeking identity in the post-colonial era. The film is an eye-opening journey for all born Saint Lucians and Saint Lucians of family descent, as common historical myths are debunked and the nuances of the island's racially interwoven populace are explored. People from the entire Caribbean can and will relate to this tale as it is in fact a shared story throughout the region.


What Lies Beyond (Feature Film)

All hell breaks loose when a group of college students embark on a weekend-long ecology research trip.

4:00pm (Shorts & Young Adults)

Ujamaa Holiday Market

The Struggle to keep the door open for a Black Business Is very challenging! Ordinary black people who are brave try to reach out to their community! That is the reason black business takes part in an Annual Holiday Market to advertise, and to promote their business! But there is a very harsh reality that black business owners get from the support they should be getting! From their community, and their City

Hopefully with time the ‘Ujamaa Holiday Market" will change the ideal in people's head about blacks business!

WAVE:A True Story in Hip Hop

See how the legendary Tony "Mr. Wave" Wesley went from a kid in the Bronx to an international B-Boy superstar to entrepreneur and activist. This film includes never before seen archival pictures and interviews with not only Mr. Wave, but with legendary New York City Breakers such as Powerful Pexter and hip hop legends Special K, Melle Mel and a host of other hip hop icons. Mr. Wave will also discuss his views on grassroots leadership, the new hip hop and his struggles to become the man he is today.


"Desperate measures are taken to escape a violent world concealed within an isolated cottage."

Holiday of Holidays

Filmed in Israel, by an 11 year old young American film maker , Talia Cohen-Vigder, "Holiday of Holidays" documents the annual holiday festival at the primary school located in the village of Neve Shalom/Wahat Al-Salam, Israel's only purposely integrated community of Arabs and Jews. The festival, which exemplifies the school's values, brings together the students' families and enlists them to participate. Children perform together in both Arabic and Hebrew and engage the multiple cultures and histories of the groups inhabiting Israel, thus demonstrating the possibility not only for peaceful coexistence, but actual friendship and community among Jews and Arabs.

Milky White // Rosy Petals

Rebecca blames herself for her little sister's death, believing it is her fault because she was supposed to be watching her. Her friends and family try to support her and understand why she thinks this, while Rebecca, coming to terms with Dallas's death, continues to hold them at arm's length.

The Bush Challenge

A group of girls on an outdoor camp find that everything they set out to do has been sabotaged. But why? Solving the mystery brings friends together. Set in the beautiful Australian bush. A teen mystery film, written and directed by Tess Leigh, aged 14.

6:30pm (Web Series)

Bobby Ashley's The Avenue

The Ave Series centers around a group of scammers who are trying to make it through the harsh streets of Brooklyn.


Cornelia, is based on true events.The dramedy is centered on the Castillo family. The family tackles
Loyalty, love. loss & cultural values in a neighborhood that is in the mist of gentrification.

Best Friends

In this new psycho/comedy from writer/director Josh Edelman, the relationship between two lifelong best friends, Jeff and Josh, is put to the test when Jeff tells his good buddy that he has a new girlfriend. It's "Step Brothers" meets "Fatal Attraction" as there is not telling what Josh will do to keep his best friends all to himself.

All My Friends Are Married

All My Friends Are Married is a quirky comedic web series with a blend of dry and physical humor. It highlights the joys, mistakes, hopes and pitfalls of being single & living in New York City. With tenderness, joy and irony we present the story of a woman struggling to survive adulthood from her very imaginative point of view. This series captures the intersection where heaven meets earth; where adulthood and dreams force reality. It is here that faith, hope and love collides with bills, delayed promises and fears.

9pm (Short Films)


The President of the United States apologizes for the country's role in the slave trade because of an essay written by an African American boy.

What Goes Around

Dallas Alexis paints a new twist on the everyday common theme of bullying. It's not often the tables get turned on the bully. "What Goes Around" tells the story of the instant effects of bullying and the karma that comes along with it.

Moves We Make

"A conflicted street thug makes decisions that sabotage his own crew and set off a chain of catastrophic events."


Lobby Washington, a U.S. Army Veteran, returns home from serving in OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM. He struggles with the guilt of killing an Iraqi child.
Back in Brooklyn, New York, everything and everyone is a constant reminder of his deployment in Iraq. With the help of a homeless veteran, a random civilian female and his younger brother, Lobby learns to accept what he cannot change.

Me Too, You

Malaya searches the city streets and parks where the homeless frequent. She is searching forher sister. One day she comes across Cheryl, a vagrant woman, on a bench who doesn't seem to

want company. Next to her a doll with bread pressed upon her lips. Malaya is able to soften
Cheryl's mood by asking questions about the doll.

As the women talk Cheryl is mentally tortured with the voices only she can hear and the man (now standing before her), that only she can see. With her own painful past resurfacing, Malaya tells Cheryl we must forgive others and we must forgive ourselves for whatever happens in our

As night falls and Malaya offers to get them something to eat, she returns only to find Cheryl is gone. Malaya whispers to the wind, "I love you Cheryl" and Cheryl perks up as the winds whispers and responds, "Me Too, You" back to her sister.

5 Weeks

A man and woman must make a life altering decision in the name of love.

Saturday, October 8th 


Diary of A Badman (Feature Film)

Cleopatra Jones meets Donnie Brasco. He was her assignment. She became his diary. Detective Simone Wil-liams, a Jamaican immigrant to the US, dreams of working undercover on a high profile case. She finally gets her chance to go undercover in an attempt to catch a notorious drug dealer, Winston Bailey aka Bucky. She falls victim to his charming personality; compromising her assignment. Lines begin to blur as she gets in deeper. Over time, Williams develops a close bond with Bailey, and their loyalties are put to the ultimate test.


Before I Do (Feature Film)

"A Firefighter in search of his passion finds love."

9pm (shorts)

DoDo TiTi

When a Caribbean nanny's dedication to her cultural tradition of brewing bush tea conflicts with her American bosses' lifestyle, she's not only forced to face her fears of isolation when asked to move into the guest house during a major storm but finds herself competing with the family's dog for respect, ultimately becoming the very thing they value.

The Haggler

The Haggler" is the story of a young woman who must make a determination about her worth after experiencing rejection from a potential mate.

Wrath of the Blood Angel

When tragedy befalls his family, a traumatized war veteran and comic book writer seeks revenge, dressed as the superhero he is famous for creating.


A Psychological Thriller Based on A True Story that follows a family torn apart by the same thing that it was once perceived to have been built upon.

Deeper Than A Crush

With the help of her best friend Tish (Amanda Higgins), Luri Stevens (Alexis Rajah) just moved into a new building and new neighborhood. Once spotting her hot new neighbor Derrick (Christopher McCray) and his handsome son John (Tilden Travis), Luri is determined to make them her new family. Soon Derrick finds out Luri's move among other things may not have been by chance or accident.

Sunday, October 9th


Our Mother's Voices

This Documentary boldly unmakes the dire circumstances that are found throughout urban communities, it intimately captures the range of emotions exhibited by mothers who unfortunately lost their child do to street violence

12:45pm (Documentary)

Celling Your Soul

In less than a decade, our technology has totally changed the way we interact with one another. But, have we stopped to ask, "how are these changes, changing us?" Celling Your Soul tells the story of how one college professor changed the conversation, asking her students not "what do you think?" but "how do you feel?" You might be shocked to learn the answer! Beyond awareness, Celling Your Soul offers a clear, compassionate understanding of digital dependency along with a sustainable solution to greater balance for living within the demands of a digital world. Schools, colleges and businesses are using this film to create curriculum, school policy on cell phone use and to elevate the conversation to include the paradox of the positive and negative effects of our digital world.

2:45pm (Shorts)


Perceptions is a short film that takes a raw and honest look into the heartbeat of our society's ongoing battle between law enforcement and in large part, black America. The number of young black males killed by U.S. police is at the highest point ever in our country's history. Despite making up only 2% of the total US population, African American males between the ages of 15 and 34 comprised more than 15% of all deaths logged this year by an ongoing investigation into the use of deadly force by police. Their rate of police-involved deaths was five times higher than for white men of the same age.

As opposed to simply regurgitating more statistics and charts, the creators of Perceptions felt it their duty and obligation to bring a very uncomfortable light to such a dark sore in our culture. Perceptions doesn't just highlight the problem, this film looks to spark conversation, action and change. Yes, art imitates life, but Perceptions looks to use this art to influence new direction.

The Treatment

A livery cab driver wants to go home after working a double shift. Bob Collins has an important meeting he can't miss and needs an urgent lift. Just as he's about to call it a night, Julio gets one last call from the dispatcher. The pick up is Bob. The cab ride will change their lives forever.

Simpler Times

Harry (Jerry Stiller), a recently widowed man in his golden years, finds himself trapped in the world of modern technology when all he wants is the newspaper. "Simpler Times" also features a special guest appearance by the other half of legendary comedy duo Stiller & Meara, Anne Meara.

someTHING Unorthodox

Something Unorthodox is a short film about Carol Rosen, a 35 year old Jewish wife and mother of three, who reaches a place in her life where she feels the need to rebel. Years of suppressed questions and doubt about her religion, marriage, and life are brought to the forefront after she learns of the adulterous behavior of her husband, Simon, a 39 year old notarized Brooklyn prosecutor. He gets caught in an internal office investigation that links him to prostitution solicitation. With her trust shattered and faith shook, Carol yearns to delve further into her hidden fantasies of an unorthodox life. She finds a comfortable pathway to this experience through a friend and coworker Travis Gill. An attractive and articulate 35 year old black man, Travis becomes Carol's escape from her reality, if even for a moment, until she is left to deal with her own morality. It's a story that challenges temptations, beliefs, and one's sense of existence.


A Portrait Asunder

The relationship of a strange couple has finally come to an end, but not before they ruin the lives of others.


Award Show

Special guests to be announced.


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