Elynn Diamond Presents
Love Cures™... A Benefit of Healing
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Peter Jay Sharp Theatre at Symphony Space
Mon, Jun 26, 2017 7:30pm
Expected Run Time is 135 minutes

Love Cures™... A Benefit Of Healing For The Abused Child's Soul

It is with deep honor, and gratitude for the journey, that I share with you about Love Cures™... A Benefit of Healing for the Abused Child's Soul. This is a part of my own personal core mission in life; to aid in the treatment, healing, and recovery of abused children. Being a survivor of child abuse myself, I will do anything and everything that I am meant to, to be a part of the healing. - Elynn Diamond 

A child who has been abused is not a victim. A child who has been abused is a survivor who can acquire the understanding, knowledge and strength to heal and thrive. This child's access to lifelong treatment should be a right.

The New York Center for Children (NYCC) is the only treatment center to respect this right and deliver personalized therapies to these children, for free, for as long as they need. NYCC has never turned a child in need away, has never required proof of insurance and has served more than 15,000 children and their families.

The Event:

BroadwayWorld Award Winner and International Recording Artist, Julie Budd, is starring in Love Cures™... A Benefit of Healing for the Abused Child's Soul. Julie Budd is one of the most exciting singers in music today. Since her career began, she has appeared on some of the most prestigious stages in the world and alongside some of the most illustrious stars in performance history. This unique experience coupled with her own dazzling musical gifts, provide Julie with the rare opportunity of bringing something fresh & something legendary to every song she sings. Julie brings heart to her music, making her the quintessential singer of our day; and earning Julie, her very own musical legacy. https://juliebudd.com/biography/

Featured Broadway Performers and Recording Artists include: (in alphabetical order) 
Victoria Lecta Cave, Nathalie Enterline, Julie Flanders, Sean Harkness, Danny KeanLaurie Krauz, Trevor McQueen, Jay Montgomery, and Kurt Peterson.

Special guests include Elizabeth Núñez and the Young People's Chorus of New York City.

On stage, throughout the entire benefit concert, will be a live band with 7 award-winning musicians. We will have a host and hostess, there will be celebrity guest speakers, including a guest speaker from The New York Center for Children, as well as having a video about NYCC played during the event. The creative channel for our benefit will be through music, song, dance and the spoken word shared from the heart.

Love Cures™... A Benefit of Healing for the Abused Child's Soul truly shall be an inspiring evening embraced with illumination, hope and love!

Our creative team, musicians and production group:

Director: Tome' Cousin www.tomecousin.com
Musical Director: Daryl Kojak www.darylkojak.com
Guest Musical Director: Herb Bernstein https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herb_Bernstein
Lighting Designer: Michael Megliola www.michaelmegliola.com

Musicians: (in alphabetical order)
Herb Bernstein: Piano and Musical Director for Julie Budd
Sean Harkness: Guitar
Charles Kiger: Percussion
Daryl Kojak: Piano and Musical Director for Love Cures™...
Sam Lazzara: Drums
Bob Magnuson: Saxophone/Flute/Clarinet
Art Weiss: Synthesizer
David Winograd: Bass

Executive Producer: Elynn Diamond www.elynndiamond.com
Producer: Rick Traum http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0871199/bio
Production Assistant: Annette Coppola

100% of all the net proceeds from ticket sales will be going directly to The New York Center For Children for the treatment and healing of abused children. - Elynn Diamond, Executive Producer


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