Albanian Excellence Presents
Albanian Women of New York
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Albanian Excellence under the patronage of the President of the Albanian Republic presents Grand Gala & Concert: "Albanian women of New York"

"Zonjat shqiptare në Nju Jork"

Inspirational stories for the new generation of XXI Century. This event is dedicated to all successful Albanian-American women that have excelled in their professions. This event not only will show the achievements of our distinguished women who have been mothers and teachers of the new generation, but also will present them in their role as activists of the community and emancipation figures. It will be a magical night with stage performances from the finest Albanian artists, congratulatory speeches from leaders of our community and very distinguished guests. A giant video-projection on stage will tell the story of each of the Albanian women, accompanied by the music of our best classical composers. The distinguished honorees will be called on stage where they will be awarded the medal for excellence from the AE organization. During the event there will be a signing of a Memorandum for the equality of women and men in every field, including the work place. This memorandum will make the tour of the world for one year and will be signed in every major city where Albanians live. At the end of this tour in 2017 there will be a Gala event at the Presidential Palace in Tirana Albania where all the distinguished women will be invited to participate.

This event needs the support from our community. Albanian Excellence is a not for profit organization that promotes the achievements of successful Albanians in culture, science, economy, business, and many other fields all over the world, the finest of our people who are true examples of professionalism and integrity. It is a great pleasure to honor this year the best Albanian women that with their work and achievements has made all of us proud of our noble roots.


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