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Toshi Reagon in Residence: Nov 19




Martha Redbone

Carl Hancock Rux


Clae Lu & Kim Savarino of The W.O.W. Project

Leah Penniman

Naima Penniman

J. Bob Alotta

Maleek Washington

Chase Strangio

Toshi Reagon

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Lizz Wright is no longer able to participate in Sacred Revolution.

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An evening length song cycle curated by Toshi Reagon, featuring Reagon and multiple artists pulling from the creative and spiritual traditions of their cultures to surface a living pathway forward in these hard and ever-changing times. Rooted in Reagon’s own understanding that the songs her mother taught her were the ingredients to her own existence, and informed, guided, and prepared her for her living. The vibrations created in the body are the home no one can take you from.


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