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Thalia Book Club Camp offers up-close interaction with renowned children's book authors and illustrators, book discussions, and book-related field trips around the city. This blog follows the camp's activities.

Thalia Book Club Camp Week 3 Final Day

Published on July 29, 2016

Wow, is it really be the last day of camp?! Sadly it is, but it was another fun day to cap off a terrific week. In the morning we all played a few rounds of our favorite games, like The Great Wind Blows, Handshake Murder and Night at the Museum.

After our final game we headed down to the Studio to meet our author guest: Corey Ann Haydu! Corey has written quite a few young adult novels, but Rules for Stealing Stars is her first middle grade book. She confessed that it’s her favorite one! In her presentation, Corey told us a bit about how and why she wrote the book. She even shared two drafts of the first paragraph of Rules for Stealing Stars that didn’t end up in the book. We all agreed that her third version (the published one!) was indeed the best.

After the presentation, Corey got our pencils scratching with some fun writing exercises. First we all brainstormed a character: their name, something they love, something they’re terrified of, a special quality, and something they want more than anything in the world! The character we all created was named Melanie and she loved her talking dog, was terrified of books (an unimaginable twist for us!), wanted to own a cake shop, and had magical powers. We each wrote two possible opening paragraphs to a story with all of those elements, and many of us shared them! Our final exercise involved a villain – we wrote a different paragraph of the same story from their perspective instead.


After the writing exercises, Corey gave us a special sneak peek of her upcoming middle-grade novel, called The Someday Suitcase. We were the first people EVER to hear it (besides Corey’s family, friends, editor and agent), so it was a truly exciting event. Corey finished the excerpt with a cliffhanger, and left everyone drooling for more. Can June 2017 get here already so we can read it!?

After taking a group photo and getting our books signed, we headed out to lunch in the usual spot at Riverside Park and had our final game of Capture the Flag.




After lunch, we had some free time to rehearse some of our skits for Share time. Some of us played games or read our books, too. And finally it was time for Share! There were several well-rehearsed skits with actual written scripts, and some of us even acted out scenes from our favorite books. We also shared scary stories, dance steps, and stories we wrote. The books we recommended for each other included The Martian, All the Answers, and If I Stay. 












After Share, we had our final party! After filling out some camp evaluations, we helped ourselves to some yummy snacks and received a special card with one of the group photos on them. We used the card to write little messages to each other or exchange contact info for staying in touch with new friends.


What a fabulous week. Thanks to everyone who shared it with us!


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