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Visiting Presenter / Music

WMI: Faraj Abyad and His Orchestra - 'Enta Omri'

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Features the world premiere of an original composition by Faraj Abyad

Take a journey through the Golden age of Arabic music (1960-1979) with Faraj Abyad - a singer and musician of Syrian/Aleppian decent. In this concert, Faraj and his orchestra will perform classic repertoire from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. The concert will include a performance of ‘Enta Omri’ (‘You Are My Life’), perhaps the most famous Arabic song, composed in 1964 by Mohammed Abdel Wahab and made popular by iconic Egyptian singer Oum Kalthoum. The show will also feature a new composition by Faraj Abyad (inspired by the golden age style of music) to be premiered at this concert.


Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theatre

Expected Run Time is 75 minutes

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