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Welcome Home: A Holiday Gospel Concert


"Welcome Home" A Holiday Gospel Concert
Starring the Broadway Inspirational Voices

On December 6th, 2021, Broadway Inspirational Voices will be live at Peter Norton Symphony Space, presenting a 2-part celebration concert. Part 1 takes a narrated journey through BIV's favorite holiday numbers from our albums Great Joy, and Great Joy: Around the World. Part 2 delivers soul-stirring gospel music, intended to inspire, uplift and offer great hope for the future!

Welcome Home!
In 1994, in its inaugural concert, Broadway Inspirational Voices stood in front of a heartbroken, mourning community, and offered a soulful concert, intended to respond to, and help heal, the damaging winds of the AIDS epidemic. In the audience that night were people of all backgrounds, races, identities, and faiths. What rang true in 1994, and still rings true today, is that a BIV space is an inclusive one, open to all. Every year since, many have considered BIV events “home”. It was a familiar space, a space filled with a sound that was “otherworldly”, and a space filled with love and warmth. For 27 years, BIV has continued to grow this family. What was once just a choir, is now an organization that transforms lives through the power of music and service. During the pandemic of 2020, while most things in our world came to a halt, BIV had a duty. This was a time where our community needed us the most. In response, we immediately embraced virtual platforms. BIV brought our music and our programs into the homes of not only our community, but to communities new to us, all around the world. And now, here we are, in 2021. We can't wait to bring this powerful music once again to our community, to our family. Welcome Home!


Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

Expected Run Time is 120 minutes

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