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Safety Measures at Symphony Space

We are thrilled to be welcoming you to Symphony Space!

The health and safety of all are our top priorities. Please note that proof of full vaccination is required to attend all events through August 31, and everyone 2 years of age or older (except performers on stage) must wear masks while in the building.

Please be advised that certain events may have additional Covid-19 requirements, including providing proof of full vaccination. Be sure to check the individual event pages for all shows you plan to attend.

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Visiting Presenter / Music

The Kamau Adilifu Quartet


“One for Sonny” is the working title of our concert, with the “Sonny” in question being the late saxophonist Cornelius “Sonny” Fortune. Sonny died unexpectedly late last year and I, for one, feel his absence deeply. He was my closest musical associate from the time I joined his then new band about 45 years ago. I don’t believe anyone would say that we played alike. Rather, our individual styles seemed to compliment each other. More importantly, we seemed to think about music in similar ways, both in long talks off the bandstand as well as in musical conversation on the bandstand. Oftentimes, we’d sit in his car after a late night gig and talk until well after sunup. Over and over again in those rap sessions we’d endeavor to solve the world’s problems regarding politics, race, the business of jazz, you name it. Sonny’s passing brings an end to our marathon chats. What remains, however, is the style of music that we shared. And, on the evening of March 22nd, we’ll be playing that music, with Sonny’s fiery spirit and unrelenting passion in our mind and in our hearts. We hope you’ll decide to share the evening with us. - Kamau Adilifu


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