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The Completed Life Initiative Film Festival


1:00pm - Moon Manor (1h 43m) - Today is Jimmy's last day alive. He has advancing Alzheimer’s, so he's decided to die like he has lived - with intention, humor, and zest. In his last day on Earth, he'll show an obituary writer, his death doula, his estranged brother, his caretaker, a surreal being, and the guests at his fabulous FUN-eral, that perhaps the art of living is actually the art of dying.

3:30pm - Jack Has A Plan (1h 13m) w/ Director Q&A + Catered Reception
- When Jack Tuller, a man with a terminal brain tumor for 25 years, decides to end his life, his family and friends struggle to accept his decision. Jack’s best friend documents his three-year quest to die a happy man, culminating in a permanent going-away party.

6:30pm - Last Flight Home (1h 46m) w/ Director Q&A + Open Bar Reception
- Behind a white picket fence, on an unremarkable suburban street, we discover Eli Timoner, who founded Air Florida, the fastest growing airline in the world in the 1970's. During his final days, we discover his extraordinary life filled with incredible success and devastating setbacks, and most importantly, an innate goodness which won him the enduring love and support of his family. Through stunning verité footage recorded by his middle child, Last Flight Home takes audiences on a heart-wrenching ride through Timoner’s life, illustrating a modern day success story built on the power of human connection.

The Completed Life Initiative Film Festival is not your ordinary film event. Our selection of award-winning and nominated feature films and documentaries – Moon Manor, Jack Has a Plan, and Last Flight Home – raises profound questions: How does learning the art of living teach us the art of dying? How can our mortality inspire us to live without fear and to pursue happiness? How can love guide us to make end-of-life choices with family members?

Two receptions will provide opportunities for attendees to meet the filmmakers and to chat, connect, and share insights about these thought-provoking films. Our Film Festival will also include Q&As with Bradley Berman, award winning director of Jack Has a Plan; and Ondi Timoner, Emmy award-nominated director of Last Flight Home.

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