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Taoli New York


The Taoli World Dance Competition (TLWD) was co-created by the founder of the original Taoli Cup in China, renowned dance educator Professor Zhitao Pan, and his daughter, Cheer Pan. First produced by the Pan America Chinese Dance Alliance (PACDA) in 2017, Taoli World has become the largest platform for dancers to showcase Chinese dance internationally. TLWD promotes Chinese culture through physical movement and story-telling, and the dance competition is continuing the legacy of Taoli Cup for over 35 years.

Hosted quarterly with more than 1,000 competition entries each year, TLWD has connected dancers from ages 5 to 50+ with all levels and styles of dance experience from countries like the U.S., Canada, China, the U.K., Singapore and Japan. During the pandemic, TLWD transitioned to a live video communications format, with dancers participating from their living rooms, bedrooms, backyards, parks, and more unconventional performing spaces. The resilience of competition was a reflection of the resilience of the dancers and the spirit of TLWD.

The competition serves to showcase the achievements of dancers and dance instructors worldwide. TLWD provides access to live critique from experts in dance education, who offer constructive suggestions for dancers and instructors to aim for higher levels of teaching and performing, as well as encouragement for original choreographies.

The mission of TLWD is to promote Chinese dance art and creations, to train Chinese dance teachers and professional dancers, to provide a platform for dance competitions, master classes and activities. To enrich cultural life and to create opportunities for effective and substantive cross-cultural exchanges in the performing arts between Chinese dancers and teachers in the U.S. and dance professionals in China.

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Peter Jay Sharp Theatre

Expected Run Time is 300 minutes

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